Monday, January 19, 2009


So, I went to our 'local' K-mart the other day because I had to pick up my prescription for baby making drugs....while I was there, I was browsing the men's section, thinking that I might find something for the hubby. They had a sale going on....30% off any clearance I found him a pair of snow pants. He's been snow blowing all winter in his jeans, I thought it might be warmer in snow pants. So, I look at the tag, they're marked at $12.00 (down from $39.99), what a bargain! Then I see the sign telling me that I get an additional 30% off! YAY! So, they should be $8.40....YAY again! So, I pick up some other things...sleep pants for me...$4.19 what a great deal! And a birthday card for Eric 24 on the 18th....and my drugs, and I go to the register...

This is where my good times stop. There is only one register open, so, I go to it, and wait. The girl barely looks at me as she starts ripping the hangers out of the clothes I wanted to buy. She's mindlessly scanning all of the good, and then, she scans the snow pants... They ring up at $14.00. No discount...nothing. I stop her, and point out that A: they are marked $12.00, and B: they are supposed to be 30% off the $, she ROLLS HER EYES..and calls over her 'manager' Mary, who has been there since forever....she tells me, they are ringing up at $14.00, but she will call the dept....and she does. The person from the dept must have been asking her whether or not I looked like someone who could be reasoned with...and Mary looked at me and told he "no, not at all"...I don't know what the other side of the line said exactly, but I am going to imagine it went like that. So, anyway...the other side of the line tells her that they are INDEED $14.00...but she is willing to give me the 30% off that price. SO then, I go OFF! Now, I do know that it is not that much money...and I could have just paid the price and went on, but I was not in an accommodating mood that day. I told them that "I don't care what they are supposed to be, they are marked $12.00, and there is a thing called a SCANNER law in Michigan..which makes them trying to overcharge me ILLEGAL! Then, for some reason, they stopped fighting me, and just gave me my price...and went back about their business...I swear...I will drive ALL the way to Ludington a hundred times before I go back into that store!