Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some People!

Ok, so check this shit out....

Warren has a handicapped cousin. His name is Robert, he has Cerebral palsy (just like Warren but more severe) and hydrocephalus (water on the brain that causes seizures)...his mother died in 1995 in a horrible car accident, leaving him, his twin brother Mark, and older sister Amanda with Warren's grandmother. Three years ago, Warren's grandmother passed away from lung cancer. Since then, Warren's mom has been taking care of all three kids. Amanda just turned 21, and has moved out of the house to pursue her drug using lifestyle with her newest boyfriend. Warren's mom just had to BAIL her out of jail for possession of pot....

But that's not the bad part. When their mother died, there was an insurance policy that split $100,000 between the 3 of them. They got it in 3 installments, starting when they turned 18. They get the money on their birthdays. Amanda's gotten all of her money, and it is gone...she has an Aztec to show for it...and some really crappy tattoos. No house...nothing!

The boys are 20, and have one more installment left. Mark, is pretty able bodied...he's just LAZY as a he will be able to take care of himself one day. Robert, on the other hand, will require someone to live with him, to make sure he eats, and bathes and whatnot. He can't cook much more for himself than microwave meals, and can't really speak all that well, so he will never live on his own. I have always thought Rob would end up living with us. I had discussed it with Warren's grandmother before she died...and she thought that was the best plan. Since Warren's mother was willing, I thought, GREAT! someone will be there for him, he can stay in his house, and be with his brother. Mark has since moved in with Warren's aunt Shirley. The one that has screwed us a TON! Soon before his last birthday, she started calling him, asking him to come stay with her, and to come hang out over at her house. She took her 13 year old son out of school before thanksgiving, telling the school she was going to home school the boy (she only has a 9th grade education), and has done NOTHING with him, so he and Mark lay around all day and night, playing video games and watching tv...Shirley has gotten a hold of Mark's money, and its GONE! She said he was 'paying room and board'...Now, they have gotten a lawyer and are trying to get custody of Robert. Warren's mom has been pretty tight with all of Rob's money, knowing that some day, he might have to go into a home, and that he will need to pay for it some how. So, Shirley and her husband are trying to get a hold of Robert's money. She has said on numerous occasions that she wants nothing to do with him...She doesn't like him, and I think he will be neglected at her house. However, Warren's mother has decided not to put up a fight. She thinks that the courts will give him to them without question...even though their house is being foreclosed on, and they will have no where to live very soon.

I have no doubt in my mind they are trying to get their hands on his cash....and it is killing me to see this going down. I think they used Mark's money to fund their most recent trip to Vegas...and I wonder what Rob's money will buy them.

Did I mention that these people are the SCUM of the Earth?