Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh, and another thing...

No, I just figured I should start a whole new post to change topics...that last one was too heavy for me. I worked both Sunday and Monday this "weekend" I learned a new game...Texas hold 'em It was fun...its not like the poker room game, The players are only playing against the dealer, and the dealer doesn't need anything to qualify...so a player can win with Ace high, if they stay in...I loved it!!! I like learning new games...The more they teach me, the more hours I can work!!!!

I finally got my rotten (joking) husband to mow the lawn today! I thought we were going to have Safaris going through the yard soon! It was seriously overgrown!!! And I don't feel that I should have to mow,,,I do everything else! We got his surround sound today...because he was such a good boy---really! He's in heaven now. I just have to hook it up for him and I'll never see him again! After he cut the grass, I did help him with some raking and then I planted my sick looking little flowers that I bought. I am thinking that I really should stick to rock gardens and leave the green leafies to my mom. Her garden is beautiful..she's got flowers and fruit trees, and even veggies too! I guess after all those years of not having a yard, she and my dad are really enjoying it now. I am so happy for them too, I think they might be buying a hot tub this summer...which means my creepy little brother will never move out, but also means that I might be "house sitting" for them more often too!

Memorial weekend

I was truly disturbed to find on the front page of the Manistee News Advocate, a story about a soldier that was killed. He wasn't from Manistee, but his wife was Kari Youngberg. It really bothered me becuase they had gotten married in October of this past year, and had never gotten to go on their honeymoon. I am sure there are lots of stories like this, but it sticks out in my mind because I know her...and I feel badly for their families...speaking of soldiers, my brother's best friend, Mike, called from Iraq and talked to my mom the other day. I guess he's doing ok, he's been shot at, and has had to return fire, he said he's even killed a person already. He's only 19 years old! I just can't believe that little Mikey is shooting people and being shot at, and he seems to be alright with this...This stupid war sucks!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Last weekend of freedom

I figure this is pretty much the last weekend I'll have off (hopefully) for a while. I have all sorts of things planned, but doubt that I will get to a majority of them. Lori says that Kerry and Marla are both pregnant, I wish I was...it seems like quite a few of my friends are pregnant now, maybe its just this time of year...even my old cat "roadkill" is pregnant again...but she IS a hoe!

We just watch "In Good Company" with Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid, it was pretty good...Warren even liked it. I figured it was going to be a total chick flick, but I was gleefully wrong! We have Blockbuster online, its the best service for us, because we're always having to pay late fees so we both can watch it...that and we're too lazy to drive into town on our day off to return movies. We've got Spanglish and National Treasure coming this weekend...I can't wait! We just went to see the Interpreter with Nicole Kidman, that was really good too---That makes me happy:)

I am still teaching Warren's g-pa to use the computer, we're working on e-mail right now...I think he's getting it, he seems to be afraid to try things on his own...I hope he'll get over that soon. He's already tried e-bay and I think he fell in love. He always is calling me with things he wants to auction off now..I've created a monster!!! But its fun for me, and I enjoy spending time with him, he's been telling me stories about when he was young, growing up in Canada...things really were quite different then...I don't think I would have made it alive..Its a wonder that he did. Well, I suppose. I really should be tending to my dog, he's looking at me and wagging his stubby little tail..so, goodnight from the sticks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Special friends day

I had to get up early today to go to Wellston Elem. to be a special friend to the littlest Pickett (Jack and Sarah's son Bo) it was a wonderfully sunny day, and I got to see the middle school band play. We also were treated to the cutest little choir concert ever! They sang all kinds of cute little songs...it was wonderful. Then we moved outside to have a ceremony around the flag pole for Memorial Day, and then to the cemetary nextdoor for a graveside service, with taps and the lowering of the flag by the girl scouts. It was neat to see. After we were all done there, the students were having their annual plant sale, they sell things that they have grown in their green house as part of the classes...I bought a flat of flowers and a pot of some green leafies that I hope to plant this week...I hope they grow..I have such a black thumb when it comes to these things...
After that, I had to go to Kaleva to pay the phone bill, so I stopped by my Mom's house and hung out with her for a couple of hours... She was planting her flowers and laying mulch, so I watched while soaking up some rays. I am now, completely PINK! I was a great day..I wish every day was like this...

Monday, May 23, 2005

This time of year

I hate this time of year...because Warren coaches the girls, I start liking them in their sophmore years and I cry every year when they graduate...Its almost like having 10 kids go away every 2 years...some of them are really hard to watch. I really get too attached to these silly little girls. And now, there are the boys too..I don't know what I am going to do, I've told them that I was going to stop coming to the games because I can't deal with this every single year...This year is worse, because he started with these girls when they were freshmen, and they came up to the varsity with him...so I know all of them very well...

Enough of that sappy crap...I am still trying to convince my mom that she should have a party for my dad...even the old lady mafia at work has told her she should have one too...she keeps saying that since dad doesn't drink, he wouldn't like a party, and I think she's wrong...I don't think there has to be drinking for there to be a party. But what do I know? I'm just a kid.

So, there's nothing else really going on in my life so far, work seems great, everyone's been really nice and they've all said I am doing well. I hope I don't let them down, because I really like it so far.. I got to deal carribean stud Saturday night, I really really liked it...its fun! Everyone says I'll change my mind about that soon enough, but I don't know. I am happy to just have a job!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Still alive!

I just finished my first night at the tables....I am still breathing! I don't know how I made it out of there alive...I am totally suprised that my table didn't start throwing things at my head...I was a bad dealer! Everyone said I did really well considering that it was my first night and I was very nervous! I don't get nervous...but I was shaking in my booties tonight...and then things started to get easier...I still made some mistakes, but I think I am going to enjoy it...

I watched the season finale of CSI: Thurs night. I love that show! I thought the ending was great and now I can't wait for the new season to start. I like CSI: Miami too, but its not nearly as good as the original. All I can say is that I am thankful that I don't have to work Sunday night so I can see Desperate housewives..I love that show too...My life would have been really boring these last few months without TV...my friend...( I do know just how pathetic that looks, trust me) Well, its creaping up on 5:00 am, I reckon I'll be hitting the hay now...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

10 year reunion a reality

I received my invite to our 10 year reunion toay...I guess that makes it official...I am old! I don't know if I can go which upsets me to no end. I will probably have to work that night. Being new at my job, I am sure I will not be able to get a Friday night in July off... Oh well, I might be able to join for a few minutes...I don't know yet.

I have done absoulutely nothing all day today! It was wonderful! I did the dishes, and that was it. I feel like such a sloth...I guess I needed it, I've been really stressed lately for no good reason. I can't wait to start work! I know in a few months I'll wonder why I felt that way...but for right now, its nice to be excited about something...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back to GR

I was back in my old stomping grounds today. I went to Grand Rapids with my mom, Eric, and Jasmine (Eric's Girlfriend). We went power shopping..mainly mom shopping and us trying to find the perfect dress, shoes...etc. We had a great time, Eric complained the entire time...Unless we were looking for something for him...and then he was happy. I swear, you'd think he was like 12 most of the time...and he and Jasmine....all they do is fight with each other ALL THE TIME! Its crazy...We went to the mall in Grandville, I do like that place...its still nice and clean, not like the other mall in Grand Rapids. Then we had to go to the Olive Garden....Eric insisted..of course. It was pretty good...for the price. It was 2:00 am when we got back to mom's, and Dad is on his way to Louisiana for a bowling tourney, so I am staying with mom for tonight. Eric, of course is with his Woman...her parents are out of town too...WHATEVER!

I saw the Steak and Shake where we used to hang out all the time when I lived in Grandville...it made me want to go in and see if any of the old gang was still there...I know that almost all of them were in college and have moved on, but sometimes I miss those crazy girls. I still can't believe the amount of coffee we used to drink, and some of the conversations we had were enough to turn your hair white....IT WAS FUN!!! We all had our own coffee cups and our special booths that we had to sit in...it was like something out of 90210....very corny! Well, mom says its time to go to bed...Mothers anyway....geez!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Some quiet observations Part I

I don't know if its just me or what...but man, I hate it when people just can't spell. I think maybe because it has always come easy to me I am biased...but it really pisses me off when people don't even take the time to attempt spell check! Its one thing to completely misuse grammar because we are Americans and that is the American way...but to misspell things that are 4th grade level words really gets my goat! I realize that sometimes people make mistakes, but I really get irritated by what I perceive to be stooooopid people.

That being said, I know that some smartasses will point out every single spelling error I make from here on out...and that's fine because that's what I would do. However...just remember that karma is the great cosmic equalizer. I do not live in a glass house and I have cast the first stone..SO THERE!

Have you ever had flashbacks of things you have done? I am talking about things from like third grade...I keep thinking about things like that lately. I don't know if its because I am approaching --gulp--THIRTY or if its owing to the fact that we are having a 10 year reunion this year...but I am really having a good time remembering. I have been thinking about people I haven't even heard from since graduation...and wondering what path their lives have taken. I know I never would have thought in a million years that I would end up married, and living in WELLSTON of all places...I always pictured living in a crowded city somewhere doing something arty or creative with my life...not dealing cards at the Little River Casino Resort. I think I was pre-destined to be with Warren, because we were dating, and then broke up...and then found each other again a few years later...you know that whole "if you love something set it free..." bull? It was true! That's another thing, I don't know of a single little girl that grows up saying "When I grow up, I want to fly out to Las Vegas and get married at the place with the drive through wedding chaple." But that's where we ended up...at the good old Little White Wedding Chaple..the one where Michael Jordan and Joan Collins were married (although not to each other as it may appear). AND I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING! Well, maybe I would have had Warren's family there...and maybe my brother. Aw hell, I suppose we've got it on tape, that should be enough. I do wish we would have had some sort of reception after we returned home. I just wasn't practical and now, its been far too long. I guess we'll just have to wait for our anniversary to have a big party.

Speaking of parties....my DAD is turning 50! On the 25th of this month. I am trying to convince mom to have a party for him, but she thinks that since he doesn't drink, he wouldn't enjoy a party...I think she's wrong! I think she doesn't want to remind people that she is also 50! But I could be wrong...Happens all the time!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My marriage is safe....

In case you haven't heard...my marriage is now safe. I will not leave my husband because my secret boyfriend just got married! Yes, its true! I can't believe it myself....Kenny left me. For those of you who don't know, I mean Kenny Chesney, of course! He and Emeril are the only 2 men I would have left Warren for, and now they're both married! What is a girl to do? I guess I'll just have to stay with the love of my life and be happy about it.

Well, I start at the casino on May 20th...I only have 16 hours so far....I hope business picks up soon. I think I will like it...It seems like fun so far. Not to mention that I will be getting paid very well to hang out and play cards all day...not a bad gig if you ask me.

I saw Rochelle Arnold today, man does she look good...I can't believe how skinny she is. She is a craps dealer now....that's a hard game to learn to deal, there's a lot of things to remember with it...but its fun to play!

I had official orientation today...8 hours of it. I now know that I can sexually harass with the best of them. What a long day. I think that I will offer to help re-shoot those videos--talk about DRY! WOW!

What the hell is going on with the weather??? I thought it was MAY???
I know that this is Michigan, but darn it...I don't want it to be 32 degrees when I get up in the morning. Its just CRAZY!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hi! I just figured that this is a faster way to let everyone know what's going on in my life. NOTHING!!
Not really, I am getting ready to start dealing cards at the Little River soon. I'll be on the graveyard shift (hopefully) that's from 2am to 10 am. I won't know what days off I'll have for a while yet. I saw the most disturbing show on Oprah (www.oprah.com)today. It was about child molestors and the women they were married to. This one woman found her boyfriend molesting her 3 year old and she shot him dead...AND GOT OFF!!! The jury found her not guilty! I thought that was the best outcome for that case...talk about swift justice! It really bothered me to watch that show...man there are some sickies out there.

Anywhooo...I got a phone call today, Warren's 10 year class reunion is also this year...HA! He was making fun of me for having to go...now he does too...I can't wait to go to mine. I would like to see all those people that I don't see anymore...now that I am living in the sticks.

Well, orientation is in the morning, so I'd better get some beauty sleep...