Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Well, tomorrow my friend Sarah and I are going to a seminar on bariatric surgery. I am seriously considering it. I can't help looking at my mom and thinking that I might like to be skinny for once in my life. I am convinced that it will also help us get I might have even talked Warren into "letting" me do it. I guess I'll know more after the seminar.

More exciting news! We're thinking about moving into a new place. There's a nicer place for sale in Irons (about 10 minutes from here) that we're looking at. If we get it for the price I think we can, it will be a STEAL!!!! It also helps that the new place is about 40 years newer than ours and has been almost entirely re-done within the last couple of years...I am excited just thinking about it... I hope we can do it...not only is it newer, but it is in Lake County, so the taxes will be much lower, and the payments should be about half what we're paying now. YAY!

Things at work are going well, I have learned about all the games I care to know. The only one I have left to learn is craps--I don't think I want to even try it--there's a ton of things to remember, and a whole lot of math going on there!!! I like my simple games- I think roulette is fast becoming my fav...I love it!

Well, back to cleaning! Even if we don't end up moving, I still have to do my spring cleaning...I have already taken more trash out of our "spare" bedroom than I care to admit. Why do I find it necessary to keep EVERYTHING???? I don't get it!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random pictures.

    1. Just having some fun on the computer!

I did not realize that not everyone had seen our wedding pics, so I thought I would put some on well as some others that I like to look
at once and a while. We were married 2/7/02 at the Little White Wedding chapel (that's the one that has Michael Jordan and Joan Collins on their sign) we did not go through the drive thru..but I thought about it. I had the best time..and we can't wait to go back!! My mom and I had our hair done at the salon inside the Excalibur. She paid for it as a gift to was like, crazy expensive---crazy! I think it was worth it though, because its the first time I have actually liked a picture of myself... Does that sound wrong?

The "Elvis" picture is historically accurate...We believe that
Elvis really was a 4'10" ( he says 5', but he lies!) man from Wellston, and that he really died on the floor of the Deer Horn Inn-- in the women's bathroom. Since Warren and I started dating, Halloween has always been really big to us. The year he went as Elvis, I went as a nun...We were quite the pair! Last year, I went as Mimi Bobeck (from the Drew Carey Show) and he went as a giant condom (Captain Condom, to be specific!) We usually go to a local bar where they have a costume is a ton of fun! Who says you have to have kids to enjoy halloween?? This year he wants to go as Mini Me and Austin Powers. I have had a heck of a time trying to find costumes...I guess no one carries them anymore.

The little fur ball is my baby...that's Peanut. He's a four year old yorkie-pomeranian mix. He's mommie's little shadow most of the time. He is a very good guard dog. If you even think about pulling into the driveway, he'll let us know. His newest obsession is chasing chipmunks--I am glad he hasn't caught one yet--I don't know what he'll do if he catches one ( I don't think he knows either!)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brethren wins!

I think it is funny to see my mom the way (weigh) she used to be, and look at her now. I think I forget because I see her all the time that she is completely different looking....Just in case you haven't seen her lately... The one on the right is from my wedding in '02, and the left is in front of her very favorite store "Dollar General" last summer. She's leaning on her convertible..I thought only men had mid life crisises..obviously I am wrong!

Well, Warren's boys' team won their first district game since 1962 last night, so that means they play again on Weds. night. If they win then, I might have to break down and go to the game. I think they play on Friday (if they win) I might or might not go, I don't know yet, but if they do win all their games, I will most surely go to the Breslin center to cheer them on. I will let you all know if you should make the trip. I think it would be cool if they went all the way, especially since Frankfort won the girls' class D state title this year, it would be neat to have 2 teams from up north on the record books!

In other news...Kelly is here from the Cape, we're going out for dinner and drinks Weds night. I can't wait to see her, its been like, 2+ years since she's moved. We have a ton of catching up to do!