Thursday, July 21, 2005

'Puter hit by lightning

Well, I guess that about sums it up...I can't e-mail or surf the web...or do anything. This is not the first time that lightning has hit the house...ususally,its the satellite box...but I guess this time the modem bit the dust! Oh well! I guess we'll be getting a new one soon...hopefully.

KID ROCK WAS AWESOME!!!! We can't wait to go see him again! I am hoping to get tix for Bon Jovi in August for Warren's don't tell him.

Nothing new is going on personally, we're both working tons and spending no time doing anything together...I just went to visit my mom for the first time in like a month yesterday...The pool was cold, but the hot tub was wonderful!!! We're going over to make ribs for Dad on the 31st...he's going to be on vacation then, and has decided that he wants his father's day gift now...I guess I can't argue with him about that. Eric and Jasmine went to Michigan's Adventure with her family yesterday...they had fun, but want to go to Cedar Point next month. They want us to go with them....I guess we'll see.

Well, nothing else to really report...Jason Hose's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy--Nolan the other day...he's a really handsome little guy..we're all happy for them. and we wish them all the best!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sunday sunday sunday...

Live at Boyne mountain, its....KID ROCK!

And Warren and I will be there! We're going with a group of his friends from work..I am starting to get excited about it. I can't wait!

Nothing new in my personal all! I am still dragon stitting for Sarah and Jack, they're in Florida....getting rained on and blown all about....They should have stayed home...the weather here is beautiful and has been, since they left. Well, Sarah, if you're reading this, MOJO is FINE!!!! He's getting more food tomorrow. Hope you're having fun with Cindy and Dennis--and Emily is on her way....silly Picketts anyway--(who goes to Florida in July?)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My newest obsession

I have become obsessed with reality tv..since Warren and I discovered the Fox Reality network...we rarely watch anything else. I don't know what has happened to me...I never used to watch crap like this...I think maybe its because there's nothing else on any more...

I forgot to mention some people in my last post...Heather Lonn was also at the reunion...she looks fantastic--very tan and extremely fit..she's hoping to be a personal trainer....she lives in Canton with her husband and 2 kids...she's happy as can be. There was also Kevin and Dursa Marshall--they live in Manistee, and seem very happy together, and Tricia Edmondson was there too--she's working at the casino right now, and has 2 daughters of her own.

There has been no other news to report...the basketball season is fast approaching as is Warren's 30th birthday!!!! Man--he's very old! We're going to see Kid Rock on July 17th..I am getting excited about that!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

whew...I'm glad that's over

The reunion was last night at Topo's Italian eatery on River St. in Manistee. There were about 80 or so classmates in attendence. Several of whom were married and/or pregnant. There were some people notably absent...including Lori, Amy Hose, Nicole, Rhonda, Jason Rozga, Lisa Haw, Julie Parks, Dawn Guenthardt...and several others. I did happen to see Rochelle, Teresa (of course), Josh, Jeremy Anderson, Jim Krause, Ryan and Erin Tabaczka, Jamie Kenny, Stacy Doty, Jennifer and Dave Gorch, Jason Pomeroy (who's been married for 11 years now--he won a prize) Gary Loper (who has 3 kids and is pregnant again), Jennifer and Stacey Barton, Tony Bottrell, Pat Maloney, Paul Bentley, Jill Soltes (Vasquez) who is very pregnant now, Amber Holwerda, Brandi Johnson, Matt Anderson, Norman Johnson (he has a little girl that's adorable), Rhet and Jessica (who have NOT gotten married yet--they just bought a house in East Lake might be in the fall), Matt Snyder, Brian May, Ben Yarnell, Sean Padden, Dawn Landis (Ware), Breanna, Robin, Lindsey, Jim Krause (and his lovely girlfriend Sarah--a match made in Heaven if there ever was one--think female Jim), Raul (and Lynn Monnot), Tom Grabowski, Robert Willard, Jamie Weed, Becky Tennant (who won the award for greatest distance traveled to be there) Tyler and Sara Raupp, Matt Krysiak, Dan and Molly Wrezinski..All in all a great turn out...There was a lot of booze flowing, and we all laughed while Josh made his speach...some things never change. We chatted about the things that had changed...and more about the things that had remained the same. We voted not to open the time capsule until our 20th reunion...we figured that by then, we all would look at lot different than we do now. Not many people were physically any different...Dawn Landis, Jill, Gary Loper's wife, and Robert Williard's wife were all pregnant...I know Nicole is too..maybe that's why she didn't show...I don't know. I also noticed that Kristen Ware (who's also pregnant) wasn't there and neither was Kristen Sitz...those are some of the people I was sure I'd see. I spent most of the night with Rochelle, who doesn't go out anymore now that she's on probation (DUI), and Rhet who doesn't go out anymore because of the baby (TIA) --she's adorable from the pictures...well, I guess I was dreading the whole ordeal for no reason at all...I went, I drank (a few), I laughed, and I was home and in bed by 12:30--not a bad night overall!