Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 weeks down...30 to go!

Everything is going well with the pregnancy so far. I am still a little gun shy about telling everyone, but the Dr said I have a 97% chance of carrying to full term. Barring any weirdness, I will be a mommy soon! Not soon enough for Warren, he wants the kid to come out now! I told him it wouldn't be very pretty right now, and that he should wait until spring like the rest of us have to! I will get another set of pics on New Year's Eve, they said to bring in a blank CDR or DVD and they will record the baby for me. I think that will be the BEST home movie ever!
Just as an aside, if you have never been pregnant before, and have made jokes about morning sickness....STOP! It truly sucks, and there is almost NOTHING funny about it! I threw up water the other day....water! GEEZ! And as for 'morning' yeah right, or afternnon,or early evening, or midnight, or whenever the lovely little one decides it does not like what you have put into your mouth...AND SALTINES DO NOT WORK!

This was at 6 weeks 6's first picture ever!

These both are from Tuesday 10-27 at 10 weeks 5 days. My how we have grown!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Week 8

So, I am officially pregnant. It took 7 years of trying, and a bunch of trips to the doctor, but, we're finally there! I am in my 8th week, which means the 'baby' is 6 weeks old..they do some fuzzy math when you're knocked up...I think they like to confuse us...but any how.

I had my 1st ultrasound on Sept 30th. It was very early, only 6 weeks, 6 days, but because of all the fertility drugs and whatnot, they wanted to make sure everything looked good...and it did. Warren and I got to hear the heartbeat...which is the COOLEST thing ever! The ultrasoundographer said everything looked normal, so I was poked for blood tests, given a flu shot, and sent on my merry way. I have another appointment on the 27th for my first actual prenatal appointment.

So, I REALLY wasn't planning on telling everyone about my 'news' until I was 20 weeks, as I have been told, that is the kinda...'safe' line. But, since my mom's birthday was the 1st of October, I had to tell her, besides, I had already known since the 13th of Sept. So, we got her a 'happy birthday Grandma' card, and she thought it was from the dog...until she read the inside, where I had written, "I can't wait to meet you May 22, 2010!" That's when she started crying. I also gave her a copy of my ultrasound picture. SHE TOOK IT TO WORK! She was telling everyone! And I mean everyone...people I don't even like...everyone!

So, now, being the stress-head worrier that I am, I am now hoping that nothing happens between now and May. I don't want to have to deal with that many people knowing about what is going on in my uterus...I mean GEEZ! I am trying to get over being upset about her inability to keep this 'little' secret a secret for me...but I am really a private person, and I don't like the people at work to know anything about me...They're mostly jerks, and will try to use any advantage they can find to get a leg up over anyone...Its really sad...but true!

But, so anyway...the pregnancy, I am just now starting to get 'morning' sickness..and I am already peeing all the time. I have developed insomnia within the last month or so, which makes working the night shift a TON of fun!!! I haven't really craved anything bizarre yet, save a Big Mac, which I rarely eat, but I have developed an EXTREMELY sharp sense of smell, which those of you who work with the public can imagine how wonderful that can be!

I will post pictures when our child looks like more than a grain of rice...hopefully soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House updates

From the know that we bought this house in September of last year...but what you may not know is that when I put the Christmas tree away, we discovered a leak...water...inside the house. Some how, water was coming down the outside of the chimney..all the way down the chimney, it started at the roof, where, as it turns out, there was NO flashing or tar, or anything around the chimney! And the leak went through both of the bedrooms upstairs, the closet in my bedroom, ruined the carpet in the living room, the drywall on one wall in the living room, and ended up in the basement.

My Dad came over about 3 weeks ago to check out the re-modelling project in the bathroom (downstairs) and saw the water spots from the leak...We had been considering just fixing it ourselves...we thought it wouldn't require that much work...BOY were we wrong! My dad insisted that we turn it into the home owners company...and they sent someone out to check it out. The total bill? Over $3800 (estimated) in damages! Our cost? Probably nothing! The company that we are using had a coupon in the yellow pages for 1/2 off the deductible up to $ we are using that, and then they said that they would knock some off the price if we agreed to do some of the 'after' clean -up. Yesterday, 2 guys came to do the demo of the dry wall and carpet. They got here around 10:30, and they were done by 2:00..the best part? When they left, the house was CLEAN! Not spotless, but about as clean as it was when they got here.

While the guys were inside tearing out all of the old damaged dry-wall, I had a roofing crew ( Rusty Manke and his brother) on my roof, installing a chimney cap and a ridge vent (there was NO ventilation in the attic)...What a crazy day. The dry wall guys will be here tomorrow to start the repairing process..around 7:30 AM! So much for having 4 days off to relax! I might have to take a nap in the hammock! I will post pics as soon as I get some more time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some People!

Ok, so check this shit out....

Warren has a handicapped cousin. His name is Robert, he has Cerebral palsy (just like Warren but more severe) and hydrocephalus (water on the brain that causes seizures)...his mother died in 1995 in a horrible car accident, leaving him, his twin brother Mark, and older sister Amanda with Warren's grandmother. Three years ago, Warren's grandmother passed away from lung cancer. Since then, Warren's mom has been taking care of all three kids. Amanda just turned 21, and has moved out of the house to pursue her drug using lifestyle with her newest boyfriend. Warren's mom just had to BAIL her out of jail for possession of pot....

But that's not the bad part. When their mother died, there was an insurance policy that split $100,000 between the 3 of them. They got it in 3 installments, starting when they turned 18. They get the money on their birthdays. Amanda's gotten all of her money, and it is gone...she has an Aztec to show for it...and some really crappy tattoos. No house...nothing!

The boys are 20, and have one more installment left. Mark, is pretty able bodied...he's just LAZY as a he will be able to take care of himself one day. Robert, on the other hand, will require someone to live with him, to make sure he eats, and bathes and whatnot. He can't cook much more for himself than microwave meals, and can't really speak all that well, so he will never live on his own. I have always thought Rob would end up living with us. I had discussed it with Warren's grandmother before she died...and she thought that was the best plan. Since Warren's mother was willing, I thought, GREAT! someone will be there for him, he can stay in his house, and be with his brother. Mark has since moved in with Warren's aunt Shirley. The one that has screwed us a TON! Soon before his last birthday, she started calling him, asking him to come stay with her, and to come hang out over at her house. She took her 13 year old son out of school before thanksgiving, telling the school she was going to home school the boy (she only has a 9th grade education), and has done NOTHING with him, so he and Mark lay around all day and night, playing video games and watching tv...Shirley has gotten a hold of Mark's money, and its GONE! She said he was 'paying room and board'...Now, they have gotten a lawyer and are trying to get custody of Robert. Warren's mom has been pretty tight with all of Rob's money, knowing that some day, he might have to go into a home, and that he will need to pay for it some how. So, Shirley and her husband are trying to get a hold of Robert's money. She has said on numerous occasions that she wants nothing to do with him...She doesn't like him, and I think he will be neglected at her house. However, Warren's mother has decided not to put up a fight. She thinks that the courts will give him to them without question...even though their house is being foreclosed on, and they will have no where to live very soon.

I have no doubt in my mind they are trying to get their hands on his cash....and it is killing me to see this going down. I think they used Mark's money to fund their most recent trip to Vegas...and I wonder what Rob's money will buy them.

Did I mention that these people are the SCUM of the Earth?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ok, so this whole Jon and Kate thing has me kinda irked. I have been a 'fan' of the show for a while now, having my own set of 'fertility issues', I could relate to their struggle. IN THE BEGINNING! So, I don't care much for Kate, its not because I feel sorry for Jon, but any woman that speaks to her husband the way she does ON TELEVISION! ( See comments at end of rant for semi-retraction) Is lucky when she wakes up and finds that she has not been stabbed! I saw her ask him to "stop breathing" in a certain way. I wonder WHY they are getting a divorce? I dunno. Yeah, maybe he IS cheating, but hey, can't say I blame him, at least he's trying to be happy.

NOTE** I DO NOT condone cheating, I think if you want to cheat, leave, then you can be with whomever you choose... but, in this situation, if he DID cheat...well...

So anyway, in on of my friends' blogs, there was some talk about how the "Doctors are handing out fertility drugs like candy". I am going to have to draw on personal experience on this one and say that even if someone is given an entire VAT of drugs, it is still NOT EASY for some of us to get pregnant. And yes, I am aware that multiples could be a possibility, and I would think that if someone, say TLC, came to me and said, "We heard you were pregnant with a litter, and we would like to tape a few shows to let people see how you handle things. Here's a million dollars." I might very well JUMP at the opportunity. That is how things started for Jon and Kate, after all... Just an hour long special to show how things might be complicated by multiple children, and it took off, and now they have nice things, and if they have played their cards right, all EIGHT of their children can go to college..Would I take that chance to provide for my family?


Yeah, it IS easy for us to sit at home, and watch what the media puts out there. To form our own opinions based on the edited for television, ratings inducing crap they want us to see, but I think we might feel at least a little bad for Jon and Kate because I don't want to believe they set out to end up this way, some times, LIFE gets in the way of our plans.
(End of semi-retraction)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


<< Is this why we don't have kids yet???
I think so...

I have been so tired lately that I have not felt like doing anything but laying around. Of course, life will not allow me this luxury, so I have been running around like crazy for the last month. Every day, I get home from work around 10 am, I take a nap until 12:30, when I get up, and hop into the shower, then I go to craps class from 1:30 until around 5. I get home, have/make dinner, and go to sleep...I get up at midnight and start all over again. I get a break from class on the weekend, but I am still trying to cram stuff in on those days too. Like right now, I have been up since midnight last night, no nap, no resting, nothing. Its 10 at night, and I am getting ready to crash. And tomorrow, I will wake up and try accomplish all the things I have been neglecting...wish me luck!

And as for all of my long lost friends....spring is coming, and craps class should be over by mid- I will be looking forward to seeing you again soon! I miss you!

Monday, January 19, 2009


So, I went to our 'local' K-mart the other day because I had to pick up my prescription for baby making drugs....while I was there, I was browsing the men's section, thinking that I might find something for the hubby. They had a sale going on....30% off any clearance I found him a pair of snow pants. He's been snow blowing all winter in his jeans, I thought it might be warmer in snow pants. So, I look at the tag, they're marked at $12.00 (down from $39.99), what a bargain! Then I see the sign telling me that I get an additional 30% off! YAY! So, they should be $8.40....YAY again! So, I pick up some other things...sleep pants for me...$4.19 what a great deal! And a birthday card for Eric 24 on the 18th....and my drugs, and I go to the register...

This is where my good times stop. There is only one register open, so, I go to it, and wait. The girl barely looks at me as she starts ripping the hangers out of the clothes I wanted to buy. She's mindlessly scanning all of the good, and then, she scans the snow pants... They ring up at $14.00. No discount...nothing. I stop her, and point out that A: they are marked $12.00, and B: they are supposed to be 30% off the $, she ROLLS HER EYES..and calls over her 'manager' Mary, who has been there since forever....she tells me, they are ringing up at $14.00, but she will call the dept....and she does. The person from the dept must have been asking her whether or not I looked like someone who could be reasoned with...and Mary looked at me and told he "no, not at all"...I don't know what the other side of the line said exactly, but I am going to imagine it went like that. So, anyway...the other side of the line tells her that they are INDEED $14.00...but she is willing to give me the 30% off that price. SO then, I go OFF! Now, I do know that it is not that much money...and I could have just paid the price and went on, but I was not in an accommodating mood that day. I told them that "I don't care what they are supposed to be, they are marked $12.00, and there is a thing called a SCANNER law in Michigan..which makes them trying to overcharge me ILLEGAL! Then, for some reason, they stopped fighting me, and just gave me my price...and went back about their business...I swear...I will drive ALL the way to Ludington a hundred times before I go back into that store!