Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House updates

From the know that we bought this house in September of last year...but what you may not know is that when I put the Christmas tree away, we discovered a leak...water...inside the house. Some how, water was coming down the outside of the chimney..all the way down the chimney, it started at the roof, where, as it turns out, there was NO flashing or tar, or anything around the chimney! And the leak went through both of the bedrooms upstairs, the closet in my bedroom, ruined the carpet in the living room, the drywall on one wall in the living room, and ended up in the basement.

My Dad came over about 3 weeks ago to check out the re-modelling project in the bathroom (downstairs) and saw the water spots from the leak...We had been considering just fixing it ourselves...we thought it wouldn't require that much work...BOY were we wrong! My dad insisted that we turn it into the home owners company...and they sent someone out to check it out. The total bill? Over $3800 (estimated) in damages! Our cost? Probably nothing! The company that we are using had a coupon in the yellow pages for 1/2 off the deductible up to $ we are using that, and then they said that they would knock some off the price if we agreed to do some of the 'after' clean -up. Yesterday, 2 guys came to do the demo of the dry wall and carpet. They got here around 10:30, and they were done by 2:00..the best part? When they left, the house was CLEAN! Not spotless, but about as clean as it was when they got here.

While the guys were inside tearing out all of the old damaged dry-wall, I had a roofing crew ( Rusty Manke and his brother) on my roof, installing a chimney cap and a ridge vent (there was NO ventilation in the attic)...What a crazy day. The dry wall guys will be here tomorrow to start the repairing process..around 7:30 AM! So much for having 4 days off to relax! I might have to take a nap in the hammock! I will post pics as soon as I get some more time!