Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ok, so this whole Jon and Kate thing has me kinda irked. I have been a 'fan' of the show for a while now, having my own set of 'fertility issues', I could relate to their struggle. IN THE BEGINNING! So, I don't care much for Kate, its not because I feel sorry for Jon, but any woman that speaks to her husband the way she does ON TELEVISION! ( See comments at end of rant for semi-retraction) Is lucky when she wakes up and finds that she has not been stabbed! I saw her ask him to "stop breathing" in a certain way. I wonder WHY they are getting a divorce? I dunno. Yeah, maybe he IS cheating, but hey, can't say I blame him, at least he's trying to be happy.

NOTE** I DO NOT condone cheating, I think if you want to cheat, leave, then you can be with whomever you choose... but, in this situation, if he DID cheat...well...

So anyway, in on of my friends' blogs, there was some talk about how the "Doctors are handing out fertility drugs like candy". I am going to have to draw on personal experience on this one and say that even if someone is given an entire VAT of drugs, it is still NOT EASY for some of us to get pregnant. And yes, I am aware that multiples could be a possibility, and I would think that if someone, say TLC, came to me and said, "We heard you were pregnant with a litter, and we would like to tape a few shows to let people see how you handle things. Here's a million dollars." I might very well JUMP at the opportunity. That is how things started for Jon and Kate, after all... Just an hour long special to show how things might be complicated by multiple children, and it took off, and now they have nice things, and if they have played their cards right, all EIGHT of their children can go to college..Would I take that chance to provide for my family?


Yeah, it IS easy for us to sit at home, and watch what the media puts out there. To form our own opinions based on the edited for television, ratings inducing crap they want us to see, but I think we might feel at least a little bad for Jon and Kate because I don't want to believe they set out to end up this way, some times, LIFE gets in the way of our plans.
(End of semi-retraction)