Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, its a no go on the houses...we saw the inside of 5 of them today...NONE OF THEM are great. Some of them weren't even good...I am hoping to see more tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed...We're looking for something out of town/Bear Lake or somewhere around there...I don't care where it is at this point. I am actually looking at a foreclosure in Manistee too. I know the former owners, but I can't reach them...I was going to ask what is owed on the house BEFORE I even look at it...I am trying to be smart about it....

today is the day!!

At 1:30 this afternoon, we are meeting the Realtor for a house showing. We have about 6 homes that we are going to check out. I am almost positive one of them is where we are going to live! There are three of them that I REALLY like already....but I haven't seen the inside yet...I will fill you in after I go...I am just excited right now!

Speaking of exciting things, Jasmine sent me an e-mail yesterday and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. They set a date of Aug 29th 2009....she wants me to go dress shopping with her, and help her with the invites and stuff. I love planning things, and doing invites....I get to it! They are going to come to Manistee so we can get some pics done for their engagement announcements in the papers. Jasmine wants some black and whites down by the beach...I'll post them when I get them done.

OH YEAH>>>and what the hell!!! I can't believe the Tigers got rid of Pudge! Don't get me wrong...I am happy to get to watch Inge more...(I love him!) but still....

Friday, July 25, 2008


I just got a phone call from my mortgage lender...they are going to give us money!!! I can't believe it...they approved us for a home loan....what are they thinking? In this economy, the fact that they see fit to give us bunches of money BLOWS MY MIND! Hmmm....time to really start looking for a new place to hang my hats....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

NO Baby

Still no baby. The drugs aren't working, so the Doc is trying a different approach. She is going to try to treat my poly cystic ovarian syndrome first. Wish me luck...Now, since I don't already have enough stress in my life, I am waiting...right this moment to hear if I am pre approved for a house. We have been kinda looking for a few weeks, but now we have applied, and are waiting to see if we can really do it. Hope a pile of money falls into my lap too!

Eric the chef?!?!

So, my brother, the massage therapist, is now cooking at Pearl's. He really likes that type of food, so I think it will be a good fit for him. Of course, he is still working at the Resort, so he will never see his fiance, Jasmine. She is really mad about this, but since she is stil not working, there's nothing else they can do. She hasn't found a job in the area, because she is still in school, and is very difficult in general....don't get me wrong, I love her, like a sister-in-law should, but I wonder sometimes if they are in for more trouble than they know. They have very expensive taste, and not really any money making ability. I just hope a big pile of money falls into their lap soon...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So, I have always been a firm believer in the phrase "what comes around, goes around" and now, I am seeing it in action. The members of Warren's family that I have discussed ad nausea on this blog are finally getting their just desserts....Next week, they are planning on filing for bankruptcy. The are under the impression that they will be able to file, and keep ALL of their stuff, the two vehicles, the two houses, the 5th wheel, the big screen, the pool, and all the other new stuff they just went out and bought. They also think they will not have to pay back any of this money...they think they are going to get off scot-free....ahh....i love KARMA!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

General chicken

Got some new pics today, these are DAD!!! Can't tell from the ears, huh?
Funerals always make me think about morbidity and other morose things. I went to the funeral for a family friend today, and it has me thinking about life....and stuff.

The phone call I got from the doctor's office today was right in line with where my head is at. Two weeks ago, I had a ton of tests ran, I am having some problems in the 'female' arena, and wanted to be sure everything is a-okay. All my results came back normal, even my insulin levels, which haven't been normal in years. The next thing the doc did was to tell me to give her 5 days notice, and then she is going to put me on clomid. Well, I guess it IS time, I am going to be 31 this year, and I am thinking that we might really be ready....and if the drugs work like they're supposed to, I might be having multiples...which is the scariest thing in the WORLD to me! But, I guess we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. I don't know how long we're going to try, but we have even looked into adoption. I don't think we can cover the expense, but we are keeping our options open.

as for the title, I love general chicken....I was thinking about chineese food when I started this.