Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well, the holidays have passed..except for New Year's eve..which I do not count, because I have to work. I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did too. I got to spend time with both of our families, it was nice to see everyone, and to have time to sit and catch up with Warren's brother and his wife, and their kids. I don't think we've seen them since Sept. when Brandon was in the hospital after his accident. He looked great for someone that wasn't supposed to live to October, or if he did, he was supposed to be a vegetable...well, I got the best hugs from that vegetable this past weekend...It really puts the whole Christmas phenomenon into perspective.

Everyone is doing well, Eric is still living at mom and dad's, I think he'll be there forever.....Poor mom and dad!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am a bad friend!

I missed Lisa's wedding on Saturday because I had to work. Now, I am no longer her friend. I guess I should have expected that. I wasn't informed of the place or time of the nuptuals until that day--by e-mail, which I didn't get until 4 days after the fact. I don't know what to think, she didn't want anyone to be there, so when I am not there, I get the big fuck off e-mail a week later...after I apologized and wished them both well, I inquired about pictures, repeated to her how beautiful I was told the ceremony was...And I am the bad friend?? I don't know what to do.

On another, less insane note (but not much) I am almost finished with my christmas shopping..I still have a few more items to pick up, and the FINITO! For another year. But here's what really PISSES ME OFF Warren went yesterday and bought himself a rifle--but not just any rifle, A refinished Yugoslavian WWII semi-automatic thingamajiggy that I was going to buy TODAY!!!!! I wonder about him sometimes! MEN!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Spending my anniversary with KID ROCK!

Well, I went on line and bought tix to see Kid Rock in G.R. next month. I was tempted to get the tix in Detroit, so we could visit Warren's family, and go see Lori and Kurt....but I don't know if I want to chance the weather in January...So we'll have to make it some other time. I think I might be able to swing it some time this summer...we REALLY need to go see his grandparents in Warren, they're not getting any younger...I guess time will tell.

I am becoming obsessed with e-commerce...I am in love with OVERSTOCK.com I found all kinds of Christmas gifts for myself there...I think my little Peanut might be buying mommy a new winter jacket from there---I know I have been a good girl this year...I don't have enough time or energy to be bad!!

Nothing new is going on in my personal life, not that I have one, I am married for Pete's sake! I don't do anything but watch my husband watch/coach sports and crochet---I am a bundle of excitement! My biggest event has been getting contacts...It is so nice to not have to wear my yucky glasses all the time. I love it--and I forgot that I have nice eyelashes...I might have to start wearing makeup or something....Yeah right! Any hooo--- I have a scrapbook to do...Good night.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Can't believe its December

I knew that it was coming, but I was still ill prepared for this month to begin. I have NO shopping done, the tree is still in its box on the porch, I haven't even mailed out my Christmas cards yet...I am really slacking this year!!! I hope to catch up this weekend....

Kelly (Weaver) Bouchard gave birth to their 2nd son. Kameryn Michael Bouchard on Nov. 25th. He was 7 lbs 7.8 oz. and 19 1/2" long....Congrats, Kelly and Chris! I can't wait to see pictures!

Once again, I have no real news from the Manistee front...The Victorian Sleighbell parade is this weekend...where you can watch huge horses struggle to drag a monster tree down a paved road. If your lucky, you might even get to see Fireman Fred walking with his dalmation in original fireman garb...It truly is a wonderful time of the year.

Monday, November 28, 2005

More work related stuff

Well, sorta. Mom and I went to her first concert tonight at Little River! We saw the country "Rat Pack" Andy Griggs, Blake Shelton, and yummy yummy Tracy Byrd. It was an awesome show! We had a good time, and she enjoyed herself immensely! I think she might be hooked on the whole concert thing now, she was already talking about Sawyer Brown at the Sands on the 3rd of Dec. I can't wait until this summer, I think I might take her to a real show, not in a casino. She won't know what to do with herself then.

In other news, there is NO other news. Which is always a good thing, because I am a firm believer that no news is always good news.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Time with my brother

Eric spent the night for the last 2 nights, we had a really good time. We never do that anymore. It seems like all his free time, he's with Jasmine. We watched movies, went grocery shopping, had a few adult cocktails, It was nice.

Today is Amy Hose's birthday. I hope she's doing well, I haven't heard anything from her in a long time. I just figured she must be busy with work or whatever...

In other news, Lisa Hamilton is getting married on Dec 10th!!! They just decided last week that they were going to do it, and they don't want to waste any more time. She's going back to school in the spring, and he's a supervisor at the casino---I wonder how long it will be until they have kids?

I am happy for both Lisa and Adam...and wish them well!

No real news to report form the Manistee area. With the first snow storm, there were some pretty horrific accidents, 3 young kids were killed in one, and several other people were seriously injured in others...I don't know why people forget how to drive over the summer???? Its not like this whole snow thing is a new concept----

Thursday, November 17, 2005

SNOW !@#@!

I can't believe the mess I woke up to this afternoon! There is all kinds of snow on the ground here. There was absolutely none at 11:30 when I laid down, and when I got up at 4:30, the trees and ground were covered. I suppose I should not be shocked..it IS November... I've been trying to gear up for the holidays, I have been listening to The Perfect Christmas from Bath and Body Works its pretty good. $1.00 from each cd set goes to Make a Wish Foundation too, so its a good thing!
Eric's recovering well, he goes back to work soon...it will be good for him to get out of the house for a while. I went over there the other night and watched movies with his girlfriend Jasmine. We watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Man of the House...both were pretty good too.

Works going well, I am up to 40 hours this week.. There's a huge poker tourney this weekend, with 160 people-1st place should be around $16K..not too bad for a Manistee tourney!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well, little brother Eric had his tonsils out yesterday..He was home 9 hours after the surgery. The doc said his tonsils were the size of "brown chicken eggs" and that he had to remove some of his adnoids too..because they were hangy downy. Not the technical terms he used, I assure you. So, I spent yet another day in the hospital with a family member. He's resting at home doing fine, I am going over there in a few hours to play Halo 2 on his X-Box, so I assume he's feeling ok. I know that people always say that men are babies...but man, are they EVER!!! Eric told the nurse that his pain was a 12 on a scale of 1-10...I don't think he really knows pain. But, then again, I never had my tonsils out either.....But I still think he's a huge baby! But, he's alright now, so I can go back to giving him a hard time.

As for basketball, one more regular season game left (Thurs night at McBain) and then on to the post season....and then......RELAX-for about a month before Warren starts with the boys...Man, I hate basketball!!! I do enjoy watching the boys more though, because they're not Warren's responsibility alone, he is the assistant coach...so the head coach gets all the blame! fun for me!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sunday, November 06, 2005

More test results

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
See..I'm not so weird!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Tonight was Senior night for the basketball team...this means NO MORE HOME GAMES!! For this season anyway..They won their game too...my 9 points. I guess I should be glad, but I hate this time of year...I become attached to these girls over the 4 years that I know them, and I really do like some of them.. And then they go off and leave for college (if they're lucky), and I am supposed to deal with that?? I don't think so.

Well, anyway..I know I say all that every year...but its true. I can't believe is November already!!! Christmas is coming soon...and then New Year's EVE...and then our anniversary (4 years!) WOW--Dad was right, time does fly after high school...I still can't believe I'm almost 30

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Something I just can't understand

..is why people always think their children are the best at whatever it is that they are doing....It seems like people can only see what they want to see. Most of them are not willing to accept that everyone has limitations and no one is perfect. Not even me!! I find it frustrating that every year we have to go through the same bull shit from parents regarding playing time and point scored....THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Playing time is not guaranteed! It is doled out based on performance and athleticism...not favoritism! I can't wait for this crap to be over. Warren has been so cranky for the last few weeks I can barely stand him....When your children (if you have them) play sports, or participate in school activities...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the coach/instructor do their job...don't think you know better than they, because...YOU DON'T! Just be happy that your child found a group of like-minded individuals that come together to do whatever they do because of the love for whatever it is..not for the fame they'll get from doing it! (Unless you give birth to LeBron James II...then push for the stars!)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Some interesting results

ColorQuiz.comshannon took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Needs to feel identified with someone or something..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

I did, and I think the results were pretty close to the truth...especially lately.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I have not yet spoken on:

The military action taking place in Iraq....well here goes! I am against our occupation of that country. I was opposed to it well before the 2000th life was lost in this battle of who has the biggest dick... I was against it before my brother's best friend joined the marines and was shipped over there..I was against it before some of my oldest family friends were shipped out. And I am against it now. I am also against just about everything else that has been going on in our local politics...Our governor's policies on education leave a horrid taste in my mouth. I also abhor her taxing strategy....The smokers of the world will soon suffer enough on their own accord, I don't think they need to be taxed to death as well... And if anyone can tell me where the hell the money from the lottery is going, I would be interested to know....If all these HUGE jackpots are being given away, why do most of the schools around here suffer from yearly budget cuts and lay offs? I guess I am just not smart enough to understand that one.

And with that, I think I will step off my soapbox for the time being...thanks for listening..I feel much better now...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Online mary kay party...

I usually don't so things like this, but I think its a worthwhile cause...I have sent most of my friends an invitation to this party...but if you haven't gotten your invite yet....go here and SPEND SPEND SPEND! She's got lots of great stuff, and shipping is free...and mention my name so I can get free stuff that I might share with you, if you are nice to me...

In other news, there is no other news...I am going to Walkerville for a basketball game tonight, I am going to support my man....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Not a workaholic

Kelly just pointed out to me that I seem like I am working all the time. No, that is the only excitement I have in my life. And I do enjoy my job....however, this has prompted me to write about something else. I have started seeing a new doctor. Warren and I are trying to have a baby with earnest now.. Hopefully I will have some good news soon-- If something doesn't happen soon, we are thinking about adoption....I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
Speaking of Kelly..she and Chris are do to have their second boy in November....Congrats girl!

I went golfing again--PAR!!! (on one hole) But still so much fun!!! I can't wait for(e) spring! So I can go more often. One of these days I am going to go with my dad..I am sure it will be big fun!

The basketball season is almost OVER! and then we get a week off before the boys start. YIPEE! I can hardly contain myself!

Mom's doing fine--her stress test came back good, and they don't know yet what was causing her pain and trouble breathing, but she hasn't had any other attacks so far...Which is great!

Well, I almost forgot..I finally replaced my zapped computer....I am back -- baby!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, I don't know where to start...my mom was in the hospital last night. They took her to the ER from work, and they kept her overnight for observation. They gave her a stress test this morning and everything went well, so they sent her home. They will be doing an upper GI in the coming days, so we will all know more soon. They think her pains have something to do with her surgery (gastric bypass) but we will find out for sure soon enough.

Rhonda Holm had a baby boy...on August 17th. I found out about it from the birth announcements in the Manistee News Advocate. She's still with Troy and is living in Indiana with him. I don't know anything else about her life, I thought that she was finishing nursing school...evidently she's having a family too.

Work is great..I am getting closer to full time every day....Hopefully soon! Keep your fingers crossed! In other family news, Eric is having his tonsils out next month....He's having quite a hard time right now, they're all swollen and irritated...So he's pretty much out of commission right now. He's still seeing Jasmine..and he's taking classes at WSCC for corrections-at this rate he'll be done in about 5 years. He's only taking one class at a time. Well, at least he is going!

My grandparents are leaving for Florida soon--they stay down there longer and longer every year. One of these times, we're going to go down and stay with them for a while. They've just finished adding on another room so they can have guests over night, so we will have to take them up on their offer sometime soon. Warren and I both really hate SNOW!

Oh--I went golfing the other day to try out some of the tips my dad gave me...My score wasn't all that great over all, but I did have PAR on one hole--and that is amazing in and of itself!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My mom's turning 51!!!

That's right sports' fans...Cindy Grambau is about to be 51!!!!! I have to give her a hard time about it for many reasons...mainly because I am her kid...and I feel that its my job...

Now that I have done away with the pleasantries...I have something to get off my chest. I heard something today that really made me angry...here goes: There was a shooting in Brethren this past week. A 57 year old man was shot by the SWAT team during a standoff.. He was refusing the police access to his property because they wanted to tag his wolf-dog hybrids. He was armed with a handgun, and had brandished it at the police during the 4 hour standoff. Original reports were that he had fired first, but now its being said that his weapon was never fired and that the police officer who was injured was done so as a result of friendly fire...Now, I have heard many things about the now deceased man...and none of them were favorable...RELAX!! I am not saying that he deserved to be gunned down in his own front yard...I am commenting on the fact that I was told that, "he might not have been a great guy or anything...but they should not have shot him because he has a 10 year old son". No this is wrong on sooo many levels...1st- They should not have shot him. 2nd I don't care what kind of a person he was...( I don't think he was smart...and I know that he should not have been brandishing a weapon at a police officer...) And yes, maybe he should have been shot if he had taken the first shot as originally reported. But the thing that really pisses me off is that people are saying that he should not have been shot because he has a 10 year old son. Why the hell does the ability to reproduce give certain people the license to go around acting like big fucking idiots??? What the hell does that have to do with anything?????? I guess I am just tired of people getting away with being stupid because they have reproduced.....Which evidently makes everything legal....I guess we should let all the convicted felons out of the prisons if they have gotten some one knocked up or have knocked up themselves!!! WHATEVER.

Ok then....I am done venting for now...thanks for reading...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Now I am 28

So I guess I am really ALMOST old now...At least I'm not 30 yet!!!!
We're at mom's having dinner tonight for my birthday...better late than never. I am still lovin my job...I wish they'd let me work more hours....but I guess there's not a whole lot they can do...business really dropped off in the last few days.... Just since labor day....but hunting season is almost here, and then there will be more people to play....

Nothing is going on personally...Warren's team is doing o.k. not great, but they've done worse in the past.... But hey, what can you do??

Monday, August 29, 2005

Basketball Season

Well, it is officially that time of year again...the first game is tomorrow night versus Kingsley at Brethren. I don't know that we're ready for it, but I guess we don't really have a choice in the matter. The girls seem ready...I don't think Warren is, but he'll get there in a matter of time.

Nothing new on the personal front. Warren's family reunion is this weekend at his mom's house. Everyone is invited...there will be food, games, karoke and fun for all....I'll be there...and on Saturday, we're going to Brethren Days for his reunion of sorts...He's been out of school 10 years too, but his class is not having a reunion--they've decided to get together at the beer tent Saturday night...Its a great idea if you ask me....Well, my hour's up...I've gotta run..More soon--I hope

Monday, August 15, 2005

its been awhile

I know I have been quite lax in my upkeep of this blog....but I have been unable to find a resonable replacement for my now defunct computer. I am going to be replacing it soon....but I can't say when. Warren's turning 30 Wed., I am having a party for him on Friday. Its not a suprise....but I think he's going to pretend to be surprised any way. What a nice husband...

Nothing else is really going on, the job is great...I love the paychecks...and its fun. My favorite job ever--hands down! Nothing else to report....Hope everyone is doing well...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

'Puter hit by lightning

Well, I guess that about sums it up...I can't e-mail or surf the web...or do anything. This is not the first time that lightning has hit the house...ususally,its the satellite box...but I guess this time the modem bit the dust! Oh well! I guess we'll be getting a new one soon...hopefully.

KID ROCK WAS AWESOME!!!! We can't wait to go see him again! I am hoping to get tix for Bon Jovi in August for Warren's birthday....so don't tell him.

Nothing new is going on personally, we're both working tons and spending no time doing anything together...I just went to visit my mom for the first time in like a month yesterday...The pool was cold, but the hot tub was wonderful!!! We're going over to make ribs for Dad on the 31st...he's going to be on vacation then, and has decided that he wants his father's day gift now...I guess I can't argue with him about that. Eric and Jasmine went to Michigan's Adventure with her family yesterday...they had fun, but want to go to Cedar Point next month. They want us to go with them....I guess we'll see.

Well, nothing else to really report...Jason Hose's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy--Nolan the other day...he's a really handsome little guy..we're all happy for them. and we wish them all the best!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sunday sunday sunday...

Live at Boyne mountain, its....KID ROCK!

And Warren and I will be there! We're going with a group of his friends from work..I am starting to get excited about it. I can't wait!

Nothing new in my personal life...at all! I am still dragon stitting for Sarah and Jack, they're in Florida....getting rained on and blown all about....They should have stayed home...the weather here is beautiful and has been, since they left. Well, Sarah, if you're reading this, MOJO is FINE!!!! He's getting more food tomorrow. Hope you're having fun with Cindy and Dennis--and Emily is on her way....silly Picketts anyway--(who goes to Florida in July?)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My newest obsession

I have become obsessed with reality tv..since Warren and I discovered the Fox Reality network...we rarely watch anything else. I don't know what has happened to me...I never used to watch crap like this...I think maybe its because there's nothing else on any more...

I forgot to mention some people in my last post...Heather Lonn was also at the reunion...she looks fantastic--very tan and extremely fit..she's hoping to be a personal trainer....she lives in Canton with her husband and 2 kids...she's happy as can be. There was also Kevin and Dursa Marshall--they live in Manistee, and seem very happy together, and Tricia Edmondson was there too--she's working at the casino right now, and has 2 daughters of her own.

There has been no other news to report...the basketball season is fast approaching as is Warren's 30th birthday!!!! Man--he's very old! We're going to see Kid Rock on July 17th..I am getting excited about that!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

whew...I'm glad that's over

The reunion was last night at Topo's Italian eatery on River St. in Manistee. There were about 80 or so classmates in attendence. Several of whom were married and/or pregnant. There were some people notably absent...including Lori, Amy Hose, Nicole, Rhonda, Jason Rozga, Lisa Haw, Julie Parks, Dawn Guenthardt...and several others. I did happen to see Rochelle, Teresa (of course), Josh, Jeremy Anderson, Jim Krause, Ryan and Erin Tabaczka, Jamie Kenny, Stacy Doty, Jennifer and Dave Gorch, Jason Pomeroy (who's been married for 11 years now--he won a prize) Gary Loper (who has 3 kids and is pregnant again), Jennifer and Stacey Barton, Tony Bottrell, Pat Maloney, Paul Bentley, Jill Soltes (Vasquez) who is very pregnant now, Amber Holwerda, Brandi Johnson, Matt Anderson, Norman Johnson (he has a little girl that's adorable), Rhet and Jessica (who have NOT gotten married yet--they just bought a house in East Lake together..wedding might be in the fall), Matt Snyder, Brian May, Ben Yarnell, Sean Padden, Dawn Landis (Ware), Breanna, Robin, Lindsey, Jim Krause (and his lovely girlfriend Sarah--a match made in Heaven if there ever was one--think female Jim), Raul (and Lynn Monnot), Tom Grabowski, Robert Willard, Jamie Weed, Becky Tennant (who won the award for greatest distance traveled to be there) Tyler and Sara Raupp, Matt Krysiak, Dan and Molly Wrezinski..All in all a great turn out...There was a lot of booze flowing, and we all laughed while Josh made his speach...some things never change. We chatted about the things that had changed...and more about the things that had remained the same. We voted not to open the time capsule until our 20th reunion...we figured that by then, we all would look at lot different than we do now. Not many people were physically any different...Dawn Landis, Jill, Gary Loper's wife, and Robert Williard's wife were all pregnant...I know Nicole is too..maybe that's why she didn't show...I don't know. I also noticed that Kristen Ware (who's also pregnant) wasn't there and neither was Kristen Sitz...those are some of the people I was sure I'd see. I spent most of the night with Rochelle, who doesn't go out anymore now that she's on probation (DUI), and Rhet who doesn't go out anymore because of the baby (TIA) --she's adorable from the pictures...well, I guess I was dreading the whole ordeal for no reason at all...I went, I drank (a few), I laughed, and I was home and in bed by 12:30--not a bad night overall!

Thursday, June 30, 2005


I feel kind of obligated to write here as often as I can, I figure that if people are going to check this, I should at least take the time to update it every so often. I went shopping today...got a new outfit for the reunion tomorrow....I am getting anxious now, I think I just want to have it be over and done with. I am looking forward to seeing Rhonda and Nicole...I wonder how Nicole's pregnancy is going....I hope she'll be there. I haven't talked to Rhonda since right around the time Warren and I moved to Wellston...its been about 4 years now...I wonder how she's doing? I guess I'll find out soon enough!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Up all night

I think its been long enough. I haven't been diligent about posting because when I get home from work, I am exhausted...I fall into bed and don't want to crawl back out. Since I have one day off in a row, I will be up all night so as not to mess with my scheduled sleeping pattern.

Mom said Lori and Kurt were in the casino Saturday night, but by the time I got there, they were long gone. I did see Julie Dulinski, however, she has not changed a single bit. She's still working in Ludington at the hospital, and living by herself...she bought a house. Things seem to be going well for her...I wish her the best.

Well, the reunion draws near and I now HAVE to go. I was given the night off so I could attend. No more dragging my feet, now I have no choice in the matter. I don't know why I am dreading it so bad...I just hate having to pretend to be nice for an entire evening. And sometimes it gets to be a real bore...BUT I'LL TRY! If I have to...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well, I am in a but of a bind now. I wave already RSVP'd to our reunion, and now I have to work. I really want to go...but then again, I am looking for any excuse to stay home too. I don't know what I am afraid of, I just really am dreading going. I feel as though I should, I did tell Amy that I would meet her there. I suppose I might go for a little while anyway...Now I need to figure out what the heck to wear....Any suggestions?

Mom got her hot tub on Monday...she was already in it at 4:30, when I left her house...I don't know about that woman sometimes...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Sibling Rivalry

Lori, I was thinking about the post you had about your sister and it made me think about how much fun Eric and I have together. I that I will definitely have more than one child..If anything, that would give me an instant babysitter--like my mom had with me. Not only that, but I think you almost need a sibling to challenge you to do things better...and you also need someone that will kick your butt when you need it. And another thing, you always need someone else to take the blame for the broken things that always occur when you play baseball in the house. (not that I know anything about that, mom) I swear--it WAS Eric and his friends!

Besides, I know that Warren feels about the same way about his brother, and they don't even talk that much anymore, but when they do, they pick right back up where they left off. I guess that's the good thing about siblings, you can fight all you want, and argue all the time, but when the chips are down, they'll always be your brother, or sister, and nothing can change that.

I might not always like the choices he makes, and I might make fun of him all the time, but I guess I am kind of proud of my retarded little brother...

Friday, June 17, 2005


That's about all I have to say. There's nothing new. I did find out (scarily enough) that there was a knife and a gun pulled at that party last weekend...I don't understand people, I swear! No one was seriously injured. Thank goodness. Speaking of people being injured, its been all over the news that some guy was stabbed on River Street in Manistee on Saturday morning. The stabber is being sought, and the stabee was from Westland, nothing fatal, but I hear it was close to a major artery...some people should not be allowed out in public. It still unknown if the two knew each other, or if this was just another random act of violence. MAN AM I GLAD I MOVED OUT TO THE STICKS!!!!!!!!!! The worst thing I have had happen here is when that guy broke into our house right after we moved in. He's finally done serving his time and whatnot, I got a restitution check for like $13.00 I was like, YA-HOO! There's progress in the legal system for you....It was like his 3rd in home invasion and he got fricking PROBATION! The prosecutor told us that since he was a model probationer the LAST TIME he did this, they would probably give him probation again....and they DID! I saw his wife at the court house and she told her kids "there's the lady that's making daddy go away again" I was so pissed...but she had kids, so I was forced to bite my tongue again and not say anything...but if I see Phil Pelarski or his nasty stupid *itch wife somewhere, its on! By the way, he's still not legally allowed anywhere near me either!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

summer nights

There are some great big creepy crawlies outside my window tonight. I am trying to listen to the Pistons game while doing my e-mailing...its not going very well, I keep having to get up and go into the den to check the score...the "Stones" are winning right now...I hope they can hold on to their lead for 8 more minutes! Any way, the bugs are distracting...part of the fun of living in the sticks I guess...I don't mind the froggies and the birds and deer..I am not fond of the mice and the biting insects, however....Oh well, back to the game..I hear a whistle being blown!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Marilla Daze

Went to Aaron's party this weekend-drank waaay too much..and had far too much fun! It makes me wonder why we quit going out...until Sunday morning when my mom and dad stopped by to take us to breakfast and I couldn't get my head out of the toilet...Its gross, I know, but true. I promised myself I would not drink like that again...but its summer, and there was a fire and fireworks, good friends and roasted pig...as well as live music..I couldn't resist.

I had spent most of the day showing Warren's mom and g-pa how to deep fry and beer can cook chickens. They've decided to do like a hundred chickens for the family reunion this summer...even if its onle 40 chickens, its still going to be a lot of work...and of course, I've already committed to help...I need to have my head examined!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

its been a while

so I figured I'd better get on and let everyone know I am still alive...in the clinical sense anyway. I have worked the last three "nights"--I go in at 2 am and get out at 10. Until last night, I was having fun, and then I had to stand at a dead table for like 5 hours! IT SUCKED! I was dealing 3 card poker, and no one wanted to play with me. I wasn't just me though, for most of the night, there wasn't a single player at any of the table games...We should be getting busy soon, and then I am sure I will long for these days.

Personal life wise, there's not much going on. Mom and Dad are getting their hot tub next week...so I might have to go check it out. We're going to "Marilla Days" this weekend--Warren's friend throws this huge annual party where local bands jam and they roast a pig...we have gone the last couple of years and had a blast...I love his friends...they're mostly all good guys...His aunt and uncle are going with us..they're really close to us in age, so we have a blast hanging out..they're fun to be with too. I can't wait!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

busy busy busy

Yeaterday, we had 2 grad parties and 1 wedding to go to. This required me to use my impeccable planning skills as they were all over the place. The open houses were nice, I enjoy having a chance to chat with the families of the girls and let them all know how much they will be missed...its also fun to see where most of their idiosyncrasies come from. The wedding was one of the best receptions I've been to in quite some time. It was the Sexton-VanAtter wedding, most of Warren's cohorts from the High school were there...we had a blast. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Then we went to the Deer Horn afterward with his friend Andy Frigon. He'll be graduating from Law school at Wayne in December. He's into probate, so I guess I'll be seeing him when I'm dead...ha-ha...It was nice to see all those people, sometimes I almost feel like I went to Brethren with him...I see more of them than I do my class...except for Joe Hendges, who works at Brethren now...

Well, Its a beautiful day, and I can't be inside any longer.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Another season on the books

We went to watch the softball districts for Brethren. we had the bye in the first round, so we played the 2nd game against Manistee Catholic (who beat Onekama to play us). The girls did not play as well as I know they can play, they just don't ever seem hungry for victory! They start to get behind in the count, and all of their heads go down, and they start to make mental mistakes. They do it all the time in every sport....I've seen Basketball, Volleyball, and now softball for myself....I know they could be better, but I don't know how to convince them of that fact. Otherwise, nothing new to report...

We did have dinner at Big Al's tonight!!! I had been craving a sub from there for several months...and now I finally got one--it was wonderful!!!! I loved every bite! Next thing on my list in Scrib's Pizza from Muskegon....which Warren hates!!! He just doesn't know a good thing!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Surround sound and babies

Well, I hooked up Warren's surround sound today...now he can watch the Pistons get hosed by the officials, and hear every curse word that's said. He is the happiest man right now...I guess small things make him happy...I saw Kristen Ware today, she is VERY pregnant, she looks SO uncomfortable...and I got word from Kelly (Weaver) Bouchard that they are expecting their 2nd...congrats Kelly and Chris! It seems like everyone I talk to is either having a baby, or is telling me about someone having a baby. I am starting to wonder if my mother hasn't gotten to everyone...and told them all to remind me that we're not getting any younger here...I am sure we will eventually have children, or adopt, whatever....I just don't think we're quite ready yet...Besides, I don't want to have to clean out our "spare" room quite yet.LOL...Not only that, but I think Peanut is enjoying being an only child!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh, and another thing...

No, I just figured I should start a whole new post to change topics...that last one was too heavy for me. I worked both Sunday and Monday this "weekend" I learned a new game...Texas hold 'em It was fun...its not like the poker room game, The players are only playing against the dealer, and the dealer doesn't need anything to qualify...so a player can win with Ace high, if they stay in...I loved it!!! I like learning new games...The more they teach me, the more hours I can work!!!!

I finally got my rotten (joking) husband to mow the lawn today! I thought we were going to have Safaris going through the yard soon! It was seriously overgrown!!! And I don't feel that I should have to mow,,,I do everything else! We got his surround sound today...because he was such a good boy---really! He's in heaven now. I just have to hook it up for him and I'll never see him again! After he cut the grass, I did help him with some raking and then I planted my sick looking little flowers that I bought. I am thinking that I really should stick to rock gardens and leave the green leafies to my mom. Her garden is beautiful..she's got flowers and fruit trees, and even veggies too! I guess after all those years of not having a yard, she and my dad are really enjoying it now. I am so happy for them too, I think they might be buying a hot tub this summer...which means my creepy little brother will never move out, but also means that I might be "house sitting" for them more often too!

Memorial weekend

I was truly disturbed to find on the front page of the Manistee News Advocate, a story about a soldier that was killed. He wasn't from Manistee, but his wife was Kari Youngberg. It really bothered me becuase they had gotten married in October of this past year, and had never gotten to go on their honeymoon. I am sure there are lots of stories like this, but it sticks out in my mind because I know her...and I feel badly for their families...speaking of soldiers, my brother's best friend, Mike, called from Iraq and talked to my mom the other day. I guess he's doing ok, he's been shot at, and has had to return fire, he said he's even killed a person already. He's only 19 years old! I just can't believe that little Mikey is shooting people and being shot at, and he seems to be alright with this...This stupid war sucks!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Last weekend of freedom

I figure this is pretty much the last weekend I'll have off (hopefully) for a while. I have all sorts of things planned, but doubt that I will get to a majority of them. Lori says that Kerry and Marla are both pregnant, I wish I was...it seems like quite a few of my friends are pregnant now, maybe its just this time of year...even my old cat "roadkill" is pregnant again...but she IS a hoe!

We just watch "In Good Company" with Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid, it was pretty good...Warren even liked it. I figured it was going to be a total chick flick, but I was gleefully wrong! We have Blockbuster online, its the best service for us, because we're always having to pay late fees so we both can watch it...that and we're too lazy to drive into town on our day off to return movies. We've got Spanglish and National Treasure coming this weekend...I can't wait! We just went to see the Interpreter with Nicole Kidman, that was really good too---That makes me happy:)

I am still teaching Warren's g-pa to use the computer, we're working on e-mail right now...I think he's getting it, he seems to be afraid to try things on his own...I hope he'll get over that soon. He's already tried e-bay and I think he fell in love. He always is calling me with things he wants to auction off now..I've created a monster!!! But its fun for me, and I enjoy spending time with him, he's been telling me stories about when he was young, growing up in Canada...things really were quite different then...I don't think I would have made it alive..Its a wonder that he did. Well, I suppose. I really should be tending to my dog, he's looking at me and wagging his stubby little tail..so, goodnight from the sticks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Special friends day

I had to get up early today to go to Wellston Elem. to be a special friend to the littlest Pickett (Jack and Sarah's son Bo) it was a wonderfully sunny day, and I got to see the middle school band play. We also were treated to the cutest little choir concert ever! They sang all kinds of cute little songs...it was wonderful. Then we moved outside to have a ceremony around the flag pole for Memorial Day, and then to the cemetary nextdoor for a graveside service, with taps and the lowering of the flag by the girl scouts. It was neat to see. After we were all done there, the students were having their annual plant sale, they sell things that they have grown in their green house as part of the classes...I bought a flat of flowers and a pot of some green leafies that I hope to plant this week...I hope they grow..I have such a black thumb when it comes to these things...
After that, I had to go to Kaleva to pay the phone bill, so I stopped by my Mom's house and hung out with her for a couple of hours... She was planting her flowers and laying mulch, so I watched while soaking up some rays. I am now, completely PINK! I was a great day..I wish every day was like this...

Monday, May 23, 2005

This time of year

I hate this time of year...because Warren coaches the girls, I start liking them in their sophmore years and I cry every year when they graduate...Its almost like having 10 kids go away every 2 years...some of them are really hard to watch. I really get too attached to these silly little girls. And now, there are the boys too..I don't know what I am going to do, I've told them that I was going to stop coming to the games because I can't deal with this every single year...This year is worse, because he started with these girls when they were freshmen, and they came up to the varsity with him...so I know all of them very well...

Enough of that sappy crap...I am still trying to convince my mom that she should have a party for my dad...even the old lady mafia at work has told her she should have one too...she keeps saying that since dad doesn't drink, he wouldn't like a party, and I think she's wrong...I don't think there has to be drinking for there to be a party. But what do I know? I'm just a kid.

So, there's nothing else really going on in my life so far, work seems great, everyone's been really nice and they've all said I am doing well. I hope I don't let them down, because I really like it so far.. I got to deal carribean stud Saturday night, I really really liked it...its fun! Everyone says I'll change my mind about that soon enough, but I don't know. I am happy to just have a job!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Still alive!

I just finished my first night at the tables....I am still breathing! I don't know how I made it out of there alive...I am totally suprised that my table didn't start throwing things at my head...I was a bad dealer! Everyone said I did really well considering that it was my first night and I was very nervous! I don't get nervous...but I was shaking in my booties tonight...and then things started to get easier...I still made some mistakes, but I think I am going to enjoy it...

I watched the season finale of CSI: Thurs night. I love that show! I thought the ending was great and now I can't wait for the new season to start. I like CSI: Miami too, but its not nearly as good as the original. All I can say is that I am thankful that I don't have to work Sunday night so I can see Desperate housewives..I love that show too...My life would have been really boring these last few months without TV...my friend...( I do know just how pathetic that looks, trust me) Well, its creaping up on 5:00 am, I reckon I'll be hitting the hay now...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

10 year reunion a reality

I received my invite to our 10 year reunion toay...I guess that makes it official...I am old! I don't know if I can go which upsets me to no end. I will probably have to work that night. Being new at my job, I am sure I will not be able to get a Friday night in July off... Oh well, I might be able to join for a few minutes...I don't know yet.

I have done absoulutely nothing all day today! It was wonderful! I did the dishes, and that was it. I feel like such a sloth...I guess I needed it, I've been really stressed lately for no good reason. I can't wait to start work! I know in a few months I'll wonder why I felt that way...but for right now, its nice to be excited about something...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back to GR

I was back in my old stomping grounds today. I went to Grand Rapids with my mom, Eric, and Jasmine (Eric's Girlfriend). We went power shopping..mainly mom shopping and us trying to find the perfect dress, shoes...etc. We had a great time, Eric complained the entire time...Unless we were looking for something for him...and then he was happy. I swear, you'd think he was like 12 most of the time...and he and Jasmine....all they do is fight with each other ALL THE TIME! Its crazy...We went to the mall in Grandville, I do like that place...its still nice and clean, not like the other mall in Grand Rapids. Then we had to go to the Olive Garden....Eric insisted..of course. It was pretty good...for the price. It was 2:00 am when we got back to mom's, and Dad is on his way to Louisiana for a bowling tourney, so I am staying with mom for tonight. Eric, of course is with his Woman...her parents are out of town too...WHATEVER!

I saw the Steak and Shake where we used to hang out all the time when I lived in Grandville...it made me want to go in and see if any of the old gang was still there...I know that almost all of them were in college and have moved on, but sometimes I miss those crazy girls. I still can't believe the amount of coffee we used to drink, and some of the conversations we had were enough to turn your hair white....IT WAS FUN!!! We all had our own coffee cups and our special booths that we had to sit in...it was like something out of 90210....very corny! Well, mom says its time to go to bed...Mothers anyway....geez!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Some quiet observations Part I

I don't know if its just me or what...but man, I hate it when people just can't spell. I think maybe because it has always come easy to me I am biased...but it really pisses me off when people don't even take the time to attempt spell check! Its one thing to completely misuse grammar because we are Americans and that is the American way...but to misspell things that are 4th grade level words really gets my goat! I realize that sometimes people make mistakes, but I really get irritated by what I perceive to be stooooopid people.

That being said, I know that some smartasses will point out every single spelling error I make from here on out...and that's fine because that's what I would do. However...just remember that karma is the great cosmic equalizer. I do not live in a glass house and I have cast the first stone..SO THERE!

Have you ever had flashbacks of things you have done? I am talking about things from like third grade...I keep thinking about things like that lately. I don't know if its because I am approaching --gulp--THIRTY or if its owing to the fact that we are having a 10 year reunion this year...but I am really having a good time remembering. I have been thinking about people I haven't even heard from since graduation...and wondering what path their lives have taken. I know I never would have thought in a million years that I would end up married, and living in WELLSTON of all places...I always pictured living in a crowded city somewhere doing something arty or creative with my life...not dealing cards at the Little River Casino Resort. I think I was pre-destined to be with Warren, because we were dating, and then broke up...and then found each other again a few years later...you know that whole "if you love something set it free..." bull? It was true! That's another thing, I don't know of a single little girl that grows up saying "When I grow up, I want to fly out to Las Vegas and get married at the place with the drive through wedding chaple." But that's where we ended up...at the good old Little White Wedding Chaple..the one where Michael Jordan and Joan Collins were married (although not to each other as it may appear). AND I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING! Well, maybe I would have had Warren's family there...and maybe my brother. Aw hell, I suppose we've got it on tape, that should be enough. I do wish we would have had some sort of reception after we returned home. I just wasn't practical and now, its been far too long. I guess we'll just have to wait for our anniversary to have a big party.

Speaking of parties....my DAD is turning 50! On the 25th of this month. I am trying to convince mom to have a party for him, but she thinks that since he doesn't drink, he wouldn't enjoy a party...I think she's wrong! I think she doesn't want to remind people that she is also 50! But I could be wrong...Happens all the time!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My marriage is safe....

In case you haven't heard...my marriage is now safe. I will not leave my husband because my secret boyfriend just got married! Yes, its true! I can't believe it myself....Kenny left me. For those of you who don't know, I mean Kenny Chesney, of course! He and Emeril are the only 2 men I would have left Warren for, and now they're both married! What is a girl to do? I guess I'll just have to stay with the love of my life and be happy about it.

Well, I start at the casino on May 20th...I only have 16 hours so far....I hope business picks up soon. I think I will like it...It seems like fun so far. Not to mention that I will be getting paid very well to hang out and play cards all day...not a bad gig if you ask me.

I saw Rochelle Arnold today, man does she look good...I can't believe how skinny she is. She is a craps dealer now....that's a hard game to learn to deal, there's a lot of things to remember with it...but its fun to play!

I had official orientation today...8 hours of it. I now know that I can sexually harass with the best of them. What a long day. I think that I will offer to help re-shoot those videos--talk about DRY! WOW!

What the hell is going on with the weather??? I thought it was MAY???
I know that this is Michigan, but darn it...I don't want it to be 32 degrees when I get up in the morning. Its just CRAZY!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hi! I just figured that this is a faster way to let everyone know what's going on in my life. NOTHING!!
Not really, I am getting ready to start dealing cards at the Little River soon. I'll be on the graveyard shift (hopefully) that's from 2am to 10 am. I won't know what days off I'll have for a while yet. I saw the most disturbing show on Oprah (www.oprah.com)today. It was about child molestors and the women they were married to. This one woman found her boyfriend molesting her 3 year old and she shot him dead...AND GOT OFF!!! The jury found her not guilty! I thought that was the best outcome for that case...talk about swift justice! It really bothered me to watch that show...man there are some sickies out there.

Anywhooo...I got a phone call today, Warren's 10 year class reunion is also this year...HA! He was making fun of me for having to go...now he does too...I can't wait to go to mine. I would like to see all those people that I don't see anymore...now that I am living in the sticks.

Well, orientation is in the morning, so I'd better get some beauty sleep...