Wednesday, February 25, 2009


<< Is this why we don't have kids yet???
I think so...

I have been so tired lately that I have not felt like doing anything but laying around. Of course, life will not allow me this luxury, so I have been running around like crazy for the last month. Every day, I get home from work around 10 am, I take a nap until 12:30, when I get up, and hop into the shower, then I go to craps class from 1:30 until around 5. I get home, have/make dinner, and go to sleep...I get up at midnight and start all over again. I get a break from class on the weekend, but I am still trying to cram stuff in on those days too. Like right now, I have been up since midnight last night, no nap, no resting, nothing. Its 10 at night, and I am getting ready to crash. And tomorrow, I will wake up and try accomplish all the things I have been neglecting...wish me luck!

And as for all of my long lost friends....spring is coming, and craps class should be over by mid- I will be looking forward to seeing you again soon! I miss you!