Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 weeks down...30 to go!

Everything is going well with the pregnancy so far. I am still a little gun shy about telling everyone, but the Dr said I have a 97% chance of carrying to full term. Barring any weirdness, I will be a mommy soon! Not soon enough for Warren, he wants the kid to come out now! I told him it wouldn't be very pretty right now, and that he should wait until spring like the rest of us have to! I will get another set of pics on New Year's Eve, they said to bring in a blank CDR or DVD and they will record the baby for me. I think that will be the BEST home movie ever!
Just as an aside, if you have never been pregnant before, and have made jokes about morning sickness....STOP! It truly sucks, and there is almost NOTHING funny about it! I threw up water the other day....water! GEEZ! And as for 'morning' yeah right, or afternnon,or early evening, or midnight, or whenever the lovely little one decides it does not like what you have put into your mouth...AND SALTINES DO NOT WORK!

This was at 6 weeks 6's first picture ever!

These both are from Tuesday 10-27 at 10 weeks 5 days. My how we have grown!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Week 8

So, I am officially pregnant. It took 7 years of trying, and a bunch of trips to the doctor, but, we're finally there! I am in my 8th week, which means the 'baby' is 6 weeks old..they do some fuzzy math when you're knocked up...I think they like to confuse us...but any how.

I had my 1st ultrasound on Sept 30th. It was very early, only 6 weeks, 6 days, but because of all the fertility drugs and whatnot, they wanted to make sure everything looked good...and it did. Warren and I got to hear the heartbeat...which is the COOLEST thing ever! The ultrasoundographer said everything looked normal, so I was poked for blood tests, given a flu shot, and sent on my merry way. I have another appointment on the 27th for my first actual prenatal appointment.

So, I REALLY wasn't planning on telling everyone about my 'news' until I was 20 weeks, as I have been told, that is the kinda...'safe' line. But, since my mom's birthday was the 1st of October, I had to tell her, besides, I had already known since the 13th of Sept. So, we got her a 'happy birthday Grandma' card, and she thought it was from the dog...until she read the inside, where I had written, "I can't wait to meet you May 22, 2010!" That's when she started crying. I also gave her a copy of my ultrasound picture. SHE TOOK IT TO WORK! She was telling everyone! And I mean everyone...people I don't even like...everyone!

So, now, being the stress-head worrier that I am, I am now hoping that nothing happens between now and May. I don't want to have to deal with that many people knowing about what is going on in my uterus...I mean GEEZ! I am trying to get over being upset about her inability to keep this 'little' secret a secret for me...but I am really a private person, and I don't like the people at work to know anything about me...They're mostly jerks, and will try to use any advantage they can find to get a leg up over anyone...Its really sad...but true!

But, so anyway...the pregnancy, I am just now starting to get 'morning' sickness..and I am already peeing all the time. I have developed insomnia within the last month or so, which makes working the night shift a TON of fun!!! I haven't really craved anything bizarre yet, save a Big Mac, which I rarely eat, but I have developed an EXTREMELY sharp sense of smell, which those of you who work with the public can imagine how wonderful that can be!

I will post pictures when our child looks like more than a grain of rice...hopefully soon!