Monday, November 28, 2005

More work related stuff

Well, sorta. Mom and I went to her first concert tonight at Little River! We saw the country "Rat Pack" Andy Griggs, Blake Shelton, and yummy yummy Tracy Byrd. It was an awesome show! We had a good time, and she enjoyed herself immensely! I think she might be hooked on the whole concert thing now, she was already talking about Sawyer Brown at the Sands on the 3rd of Dec. I can't wait until this summer, I think I might take her to a real show, not in a casino. She won't know what to do with herself then.

In other news, there is NO other news. Which is always a good thing, because I am a firm believer that no news is always good news.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Time with my brother

Eric spent the night for the last 2 nights, we had a really good time. We never do that anymore. It seems like all his free time, he's with Jasmine. We watched movies, went grocery shopping, had a few adult cocktails, It was nice.

Today is Amy Hose's birthday. I hope she's doing well, I haven't heard anything from her in a long time. I just figured she must be busy with work or whatever...

In other news, Lisa Hamilton is getting married on Dec 10th!!! They just decided last week that they were going to do it, and they don't want to waste any more time. She's going back to school in the spring, and he's a supervisor at the casino---I wonder how long it will be until they have kids?

I am happy for both Lisa and Adam...and wish them well!

No real news to report form the Manistee area. With the first snow storm, there were some pretty horrific accidents, 3 young kids were killed in one, and several other people were seriously injured in others...I don't know why people forget how to drive over the summer???? Its not like this whole snow thing is a new concept----

Thursday, November 17, 2005

SNOW !@#@!

I can't believe the mess I woke up to this afternoon! There is all kinds of snow on the ground here. There was absolutely none at 11:30 when I laid down, and when I got up at 4:30, the trees and ground were covered. I suppose I should not be IS November... I've been trying to gear up for the holidays, I have been listening to The Perfect Christmas from Bath and Body Works its pretty good. $1.00 from each cd set goes to Make a Wish Foundation too, so its a good thing!
Eric's recovering well, he goes back to work will be good for him to get out of the house for a while. I went over there the other night and watched movies with his girlfriend Jasmine. We watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Man of the House...both were pretty good too.

Works going well, I am up to 40 hours this week.. There's a huge poker tourney this weekend, with 160 people-1st place should be around $16K..not too bad for a Manistee tourney!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well, little brother Eric had his tonsils out yesterday..He was home 9 hours after the surgery. The doc said his tonsils were the size of "brown chicken eggs" and that he had to remove some of his adnoids too..because they were hangy downy. Not the technical terms he used, I assure you. So, I spent yet another day in the hospital with a family member. He's resting at home doing fine, I am going over there in a few hours to play Halo 2 on his X-Box, so I assume he's feeling ok. I know that people always say that men are babies...but man, are they EVER!!! Eric told the nurse that his pain was a 12 on a scale of 1-10...I don't think he really knows pain. But, then again, I never had my tonsils out either.....But I still think he's a huge baby! But, he's alright now, so I can go back to giving him a hard time.

As for basketball, one more regular season game left (Thurs night at McBain) and then on to the post season....and then......RELAX-for about a month before Warren starts with the boys...Man, I hate basketball!!! I do enjoy watching the boys more though, because they're not Warren's responsibility alone, he is the assistant the head coach gets all the blame! fun for me!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sunday, November 06, 2005

More test results

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
See..I'm not so weird!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Tonight was Senior night for the basketball team...this means NO MORE HOME GAMES!! For this season anyway..They won their game 9 points. I guess I should be glad, but I hate this time of year...I become attached to these girls over the 4 years that I know them, and I really do like some of them.. And then they go off and leave for college (if they're lucky), and I am supposed to deal with that?? I don't think so.

Well, anyway..I know I say all that every year...but its true. I can't believe is November already!!! Christmas is coming soon...and then New Year's EVE...and then our anniversary (4 years!) WOW--Dad was right, time does fly after high school...I still can't believe I'm almost 30

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Something I just can't understand why people always think their children are the best at whatever it is that they are doing....It seems like people can only see what they want to see. Most of them are not willing to accept that everyone has limitations and no one is perfect. Not even me!! I find it frustrating that every year we have to go through the same bull shit from parents regarding playing time and point scored....THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Playing time is not guaranteed! It is doled out based on performance and athleticism...not favoritism! I can't wait for this crap to be over. Warren has been so cranky for the last few weeks I can barely stand him....When your children (if you have them) play sports, or participate in school activities...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the coach/instructor do their job...don't think you know better than they, because...YOU DON'T! Just be happy that your child found a group of like-minded individuals that come together to do whatever they do because of the love for whatever it is..not for the fame they'll get from doing it! (Unless you give birth to LeBron James II...then push for the stars!)