Friday, June 09, 2006

My Space

I've been visiting quite a bit lately...I think I am becoming addicted to searching for people. I mean geez, for Pete's sake, its almost 3am, and I am still awake..and on the computer. I never consider the fact that I would only be going on hour 2 at work right I am supposed to be awake. I think I like being up at this hour though, there are no distractions. the phone won't ring (even if I'm not online), there aren't any cars going by the house, there's no one pulling into the driveway to make the dog bark...its kinda nice. All that, and I have the house to myself, so if I decide to play my music really loud, I don't have to worry about waking anyone up!

Anyway, back to myspace, I have an unofficial 'date' with Kelly LaFleur at the end of this month...she said something about having to cat sit for her 'rents, and I mentioned dollar beer night at First Street tavern is on Weds, which happens to also be my day off! Hopefully, she'll be able to meet me there...I don't think I have seen her since graduation, or shortly thereafter.

I went for a ride to Cadillac today, I had to pick up some groceries and things, and I noticed that the lakes around here are REALLY high. Lake Mitchell is almost over the edges of the canal (by the park) and the little pond thing (Pine River) by my house is really high...some days, it even goes over Low Bridge Rd. Which is the way I have to go to Cadillac, until they finish the Cooley Bridge (on M-55). I thought that the last few years, the water levels had been at record lows..It looks like things have changed...hmmm

I watched "the Perfect Man" today..with Heather Locklear, Hillary Duff, and Chris Noth...for a 'teeny bopper' movie, it wasn't that bad. I think I have a soft spot for "Mr. Big" though.

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