Thursday, March 06, 2008

New car

Warren and I are looking for a "new" car. We're going to Traverse City tomorrow to pick up his new golf clubs, and look around. We're thinking about a smallish SUV, something with 4 wheel drive, all wheel will work too. I have been in love with the Chevy equinox and the Ford escape for a long time now. I am leaning toward one of those, but I am not ruling out a Kia either. I have heard horrible things about the Rondo, but not the Sportage, so if I go Kia, that's the way I am leaning. We're going to Florida next year, and need some mew wheels to drive there. I am thinking about surprising Warren with a trip to the ESPN weekend at Disney....shhh don't tell him. I know we are going to have to see my grandparents too, I have promised them we'd come down some time. I would love to be able to do it next year. They'll be home soon, or I'd try to go this year. Nothing else going on. I am getting ready for bingo with my friend Kayla. The bank is HUGE tonight, over $2000, which is a lot of money for this I have to go extra early to fight the old ladies for a seat...

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