Thursday, August 07, 2008

Too much of a good thing

Now I am really in a bit of a quandary...there are 2 houses that I really like. We went to look at these other houses yesterday. I thought that seeing them would solidify the idea that 'our' house was the perfect one for us. Then....we saw this one. Now, I don't know. This has all the same stuff, a back yard twice the size, and a way bigger kitchen. And Kim Gorley owns it, so we are wondering if she can give us any info. Our Realtor is trying to force us into putting in a bid. I am REALLY resistant to someone trying to force me into doing anything. Especially when it concerns my finances for the next 30 years! Since I haven't signed a contract with this Realtor, I am thinking about firing her, and going with someone else. I really want a house, but I am going to get one on MY terms, not someone else's!

More on this drama as it unfolds....

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