Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dinner and other things

Peanut shows the referee who's boss

Nicole's son Henry gets a haircut

I had dinner with Nicole, Henry, and Irene last night. Very tasty...her kids are adorable! I am so happy that we are talking again. Its nice to have someone to hang out with that I don't have to talk about work with.

We are finally closing on the house tomorrow afternoon. The appointment is for 3:00... I am nervous and excited. I'll put new pictures from inside the house when I take them...tomorrow night. Warren and I are going to buy the appliances tomorrow too...I am having trouble finding a micro-hood that has good reviews. Anyone know of any? All the ones I like are either crazy expensive, or the reviews say they are REALLY loud...

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Lori H said...

Congrats on finally closing! Yay! Love the pics!