Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Week 8

So, I am officially pregnant. It took 7 years of trying, and a bunch of trips to the doctor, but, we're finally there! I am in my 8th week, which means the 'baby' is 6 weeks old..they do some fuzzy math when you're knocked up...I think they like to confuse us...but any how.

I had my 1st ultrasound on Sept 30th. It was very early, only 6 weeks, 6 days, but because of all the fertility drugs and whatnot, they wanted to make sure everything looked good...and it did. Warren and I got to hear the heartbeat...which is the COOLEST thing ever! The ultrasoundographer said everything looked normal, so I was poked for blood tests, given a flu shot, and sent on my merry way. I have another appointment on the 27th for my first actual prenatal appointment.

So, I REALLY wasn't planning on telling everyone about my 'news' until I was 20 weeks, as I have been told, that is the kinda...'safe' line. But, since my mom's birthday was the 1st of October, I had to tell her, besides, I had already known since the 13th of Sept. So, we got her a 'happy birthday Grandma' card, and she thought it was from the dog...until she read the inside, where I had written, "I can't wait to meet you May 22, 2010!" That's when she started crying. I also gave her a copy of my ultrasound picture. SHE TOOK IT TO WORK! She was telling everyone! And I mean everyone...people I don't even like...everyone!

So, now, being the stress-head worrier that I am, I am now hoping that nothing happens between now and May. I don't want to have to deal with that many people knowing about what is going on in my uterus...I mean GEEZ! I am trying to get over being upset about her inability to keep this 'little' secret a secret for me...but I am really a private person, and I don't like the people at work to know anything about me...They're mostly jerks, and will try to use any advantage they can find to get a leg up over anyone...Its really sad...but true!

But, so anyway...the pregnancy, I am just now starting to get 'morning' sickness..and I am already peeing all the time. I have developed insomnia within the last month or so, which makes working the night shift a TON of fun!!! I haven't really craved anything bizarre yet, save a Big Mac, which I rarely eat, but I have developed an EXTREMELY sharp sense of smell, which those of you who work with the public can imagine how wonderful that can be!

I will post pictures when our child looks like more than a grain of rice...hopefully soon!


Nicole said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Happy Baby to you! I am so excited for you!
Morning sickness is fun...just keep crackers or nuts around to munch on.
If you have any questions I am here to give you what answers I can. Pregnancy is fun but kinda strange.

Kisses! Hugs!

Lori H said...

I get what you are saying about your Mom, but she really does not mean any harm. Since she and my Mom are soooo similar, I know how excited she is, LOL. :). Small town though--I get not wanting EVERYONE to know everything about you. AARGH. She will calm down soon. Hopefully. haha.

Anyway, congrats again. I am so psyched for you guys. Can't wait to see a "pic".

Shannon said...

thanks ladies!