Thursday, January 07, 2010

21 weeks YIPEE!!

Well, today I officially start the downhill slide into Mommy-dom. Only 19 weeks to go until I get to meet my little girl. Warren and I are so excited...he's been talking to my belly, and we've both been making plans for our little Samantha or Abagail...I haven't decided on her name yet, I want to meet her first.

I wanted to put new pics up, but my little lovely didn't want to be photographed! She would only show us her backside...sounds like she's already taking after her mother...POOR WARREN! Its a good thing we bought a house with 2 bathrooms...I don't think he knows what he has coming!

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Jen said...

That is hilarious!! Your baby names are cute....(especially Abagail ;) )