Wednesday, April 07, 2010

34 Weeks

Sadly enough, I have very little to report. I suppose that's actually a goo thing, the baby is doing well, the doctors have said everything is progressing normally. I am right at the right size for her gestational age...everything's going well. The shower is Sunday. I am so excited about getting to see some of my friends and relatives...some I haven't seen since my Grandmother's funeral (she's been gone a very long time!) and my Mom is loving the fact that she gets to put on a party...That woman loves to entertain.

The belly is getting bigger, I will put pictures up after the shower...I want to wait so everyone can be surprised by how 'big' I am getting. I think its hard for people that don't see me every day to remember that I had lost a bunch of weight (100 pounds) before I got pregnant, so this belly I a sporting is ACTUALLY huge for me now....ah..oh well...I am feeling the urge to clean...more later!

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Lori H said...

Sorry again I can't make it! Can't wait to see pics though. :).