Thursday, April 08, 2010

Family crap

Just incase you think your family has issues....

So, I just thought about something that's kinda been bothering me. Warren's aunt and uncle (the ones I may have mentioned here before) have 'custody' of Warren's 2 21 year old cousins. They are both 'handicapped' and one needs more care than the other. In 1995, the boys' mother passed away in a car accident. There are 3 siblings, and they split a $100,000. life insurance policy. The accounts were set up in such a way that they each got dispursements on their 18, 19, 20, and the remainder on their 21st birthday (which, for the boys was the end of FEB). The aunt and uncle have blown through all the money already, and are now claiming that one of the boys is too much work, and too hard to handle, so they are thinking about giving him to his father (who has had so little to do with this kid his entire life) or finding some home to stick him in. Warren and I had talked about taking him in the past, but with the new baby, I don't know that we could handle the strain.

I am thinking about turning them in to some kind of authority. I know I might have to wait until they 'discard' of him to do it, but its not right, they have BLOWN his money for him, and he is none the better for it. And I am not talking about a few bucks, this is 10's of thousands of dollars...I would be willing to estimate at least $50,000 (after interest had accrued) and that was for each of the boys. I know they have gone on vacations, Vegas, and such, without taking them. And I also know that they have had both houses foreclosed on, their truck re-poed, and they are not making any house payments right now...In fact, they have been to the casino, blowing more money. I think it may sound like I am a little jealous, I do wish I had money to spend, but I would never even think about taking money from someone like that....IT JUST MAKES ME SICK!

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Lori H said...

how horrible. People like this make me sick.