Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, I don't know where to mom was in the hospital last night. They took her to the ER from work, and they kept her overnight for observation. They gave her a stress test this morning and everything went well, so they sent her home. They will be doing an upper GI in the coming days, so we will all know more soon. They think her pains have something to do with her surgery (gastric bypass) but we will find out for sure soon enough.

Rhonda Holm had a baby boy...on August 17th. I found out about it from the birth announcements in the Manistee News Advocate. She's still with Troy and is living in Indiana with him. I don't know anything else about her life, I thought that she was finishing nursing school...evidently she's having a family too.

Work is great..I am getting closer to full time every day....Hopefully soon! Keep your fingers crossed! In other family news, Eric is having his tonsils out next month....He's having quite a hard time right now, they're all swollen and irritated...So he's pretty much out of commission right now. He's still seeing Jasmine..and he's taking classes at WSCC for corrections-at this rate he'll be done in about 5 years. He's only taking one class at a time. Well, at least he is going!

My grandparents are leaving for Florida soon--they stay down there longer and longer every year. One of these times, we're going to go down and stay with them for a while. They've just finished adding on another room so they can have guests over night, so we will have to take them up on their offer sometime soon. Warren and I both really hate SNOW!

Oh--I went golfing the other day to try out some of the tips my dad gave me...My score wasn't all that great over all, but I did have PAR on one hole--and that is amazing in and of itself!

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