Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Time with my brother

Eric spent the night for the last 2 nights, we had a really good time. We never do that anymore. It seems like all his free time, he's with Jasmine. We watched movies, went grocery shopping, had a few adult cocktails, It was nice.

Today is Amy Hose's birthday. I hope she's doing well, I haven't heard anything from her in a long time. I just figured she must be busy with work or whatever...

In other news, Lisa Hamilton is getting married on Dec 10th!!! They just decided last week that they were going to do it, and they don't want to waste any more time. She's going back to school in the spring, and he's a supervisor at the casino---I wonder how long it will be until they have kids?

I am happy for both Lisa and Adam...and wish them well!

No real news to report form the Manistee area. With the first snow storm, there were some pretty horrific accidents, 3 young kids were killed in one, and several other people were seriously injured in others...I don't know why people forget how to drive over the summer???? Its not like this whole snow thing is a new concept----

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Lori Anne Haskell said...

Congrats to Lisa and Adam! Although I don't think I know Adam, LOL.