Thursday, February 09, 2006

Four More Years!!!

No, I am not running for re-election, I am just stating that Warren and I have now been married for four years!!! It doesn't even seem like its been 2...Crazy!

I got him an acoustic guitar, and made him promise to play me a song next year for my gift. He thought that was pretty cool. He and his friend Ted had been threatening to clean out the garage so they could have a place for "the band" to practice. I think they just want a place to sit, drink beer, and play cards.. I don't really care what they do, as long as I can finally park my car in there again! We are going tomorrow night to celebrate...I think we'll probably just do dinner and a movie, maybe do some shopping, nothing extravagant...but still nice to be together.

I am waiting for my mom to tell me that Eric is moving his girlfriend into their house. He and my Dad just finished his room upstairs, and now he has like half of the house to himself. I keep telling her, its only a matter of time!

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