Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Well, tomorrow my friend Sarah and I are going to a seminar on bariatric surgery. I am seriously considering it. I can't help looking at my mom and thinking that I might like to be skinny for once in my life. I am convinced that it will also help us get I might have even talked Warren into "letting" me do it. I guess I'll know more after the seminar.

More exciting news! We're thinking about moving into a new place. There's a nicer place for sale in Irons (about 10 minutes from here) that we're looking at. If we get it for the price I think we can, it will be a STEAL!!!! It also helps that the new place is about 40 years newer than ours and has been almost entirely re-done within the last couple of years...I am excited just thinking about it... I hope we can do it...not only is it newer, but it is in Lake County, so the taxes will be much lower, and the payments should be about half what we're paying now. YAY!

Things at work are going well, I have learned about all the games I care to know. The only one I have left to learn is craps--I don't think I want to even try it--there's a ton of things to remember, and a whole lot of math going on there!!! I like my simple games- I think roulette is fast becoming my fav...I love it!

Well, back to cleaning! Even if we don't end up moving, I still have to do my spring cleaning...I have already taken more trash out of our "spare" bedroom than I care to admit. Why do I find it necessary to keep EVERYTHING???? I don't get it!

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