Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random pictures.

    1. Just having some fun on the computer!

I did not realize that not everyone had seen our wedding pics, so I thought I would put some on well as some others that I like to look
at once and a while. We were married 2/7/02 at the Little White Wedding chapel (that's the one that has Michael Jordan and Joan Collins on their sign) we did not go through the drive thru..but I thought about it. I had the best time..and we can't wait to go back!! My mom and I had our hair done at the salon inside the Excalibur. She paid for it as a gift to was like, crazy expensive---crazy! I think it was worth it though, because its the first time I have actually liked a picture of myself... Does that sound wrong?

The "Elvis" picture is historically accurate...We believe that
Elvis really was a 4'10" ( he says 5', but he lies!) man from Wellston, and that he really died on the floor of the Deer Horn Inn-- in the women's bathroom. Since Warren and I started dating, Halloween has always been really big to us. The year he went as Elvis, I went as a nun...We were quite the pair! Last year, I went as Mimi Bobeck (from the Drew Carey Show) and he went as a giant condom (Captain Condom, to be specific!) We usually go to a local bar where they have a costume is a ton of fun! Who says you have to have kids to enjoy halloween?? This year he wants to go as Mini Me and Austin Powers. I have had a heck of a time trying to find costumes...I guess no one carries them anymore.

The little fur ball is my baby...that's Peanut. He's a four year old yorkie-pomeranian mix. He's mommie's little shadow most of the time. He is a very good guard dog. If you even think about pulling into the driveway, he'll let us know. His newest obsession is chasing chipmunks--I am glad he hasn't caught one yet--I don't know what he'll do if he catches one ( I don't think he knows either!)

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