Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Forgot to mention

Michael Jordan and Don King were supposed to be at the fight the other night. They were flying from Cali, and had some problems leaving there on time, and when they got to Mi, they couldn't land in TC for some reason, so they went elsewhere. We were really disappointed, they had a table set up of MJ, with a $100 minimum bet, and a dealer all psyched up to deal to him. Well, at least the fights went over very well, so we have a good shot at doing something like that again. I will tell you that it is weird to turn on Showtime and see something from Manistee on the program description. I thought it was kinda cool too!
This month, we've got Crystal Gale, and Billy Ray Cyrus. I can't wait until the amphitheater gets done, and we can have bigger acts. Maybe then there'll be some shows that I want to go to here.

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