Thursday, August 24, 2006


I went tonight and played bingo with Sarah and her mom. We had a good time. Sarah is the only one that won anything. I think I might start taking my mother-in-law once in a while. I know she likes to go, and since she never gets to leave the house anymore, I think she might like a night out. I guess bingo's not just for old ladies anymore!

Kid Rock on Saturday! We're hoping for good weather. I'll be happy if its just not as hot as it was last year. Maybe his new wife will be with him? I doubt it too!

Kelly is coming soon! I am going golfing Friday morning to get ready for her visit. I should be all practiced up by then.

The house we want in Kaleva is still on the market. Teresa said someone put in a bid, but they must not have accepted the terms, or there's still a shot for us to get it. I am not holding my breath....Lordy Lordy do these wheels turn SLOW!

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