Tuesday, October 24, 2006


ok, so its been like, a month since I have had anything worth mentioning here! I am finally able to tell you all that I have a surgery date! I will be having bariatric surgery on Nov 28th in Ypsilanti at the Bariatiric treatment center's hospital. Yes, I have done my research, and I know that I will be in good hands. so, if anyone has heard "horror stories" from 'friends', please do not feel the need to relate them to me. Thanks!

In other news, the girl's basketball season is winding down, less than 1 month to go, and then...husband! Yipee! I am looking forward to him being home at night, and in the afternoon, and wait a minute....does anyone have any work he can do? he's going to be around all the time again!!! AHHH!!

We have been watching the World Series (just like every other Michigan native) and praying for a win for the good guys. Warren, being from Detroit, has always been a huge fan of all of the teams, even when they are the Lions 1-and-whatever, so its been a fun time at our house lately.

I will be doing a fundraiser for the girls basketball program at Brethren soon...I am going to be peddling Home Interiors candles. The girls get to keep 50% of their sales, and that's amazing for a fund raiser that's not really difficult. I will be expecting orders from all of you kid havers that I have been ordering from for all these years, and don't think you can avoid me, I will hunt you down, and I can be very persistent!

By the way, this still totally freaks me out, but Jonnie Sam III is my new boss....he graduated in '96, and was (still is) a huge dork...I guess I should have been nicer to him back then, but who could have figured? Not me....but anyway, he is the greatest! We are having way too much fun to be getting paid for this~! It helps me love my job even more! And, since he's dating Rochelle now, I have to be nice to him anyway--Damnit!

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