Wednesday, September 27, 2006

With love..from Michigan

The U of M game was awesome! The good guys won! and the seats were killer! (Thanks Boss!) We are already planning on going again. I will take my camera next time. I was going to bring it, but I wasn't sure about their policy on cameras and such. We had a ton of fun, we went to the 12 Oaks Mall in Livonia, and the Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw in search of the official tee shirts for the game before, and a replica jersey for me to wear to work after. We're planning a pre-Christmas trip to Birch Run where we'll prolly end up spending 2 days...In other news, I am looking at early June for Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary party. It will be at their house, unless I can find a hall that will allow alcohol for not a ton of money. But I am thinking about their house anyway. Something informal, prolly a BBQ type thing, I wanted to do something nicer, but they are worried about money (like I can't afford it or something) I wouldn't offer if I didn't think I could handle it, not like I can count on Eric for any ($) help at all! Anyway, other than mom turning 52! on Sunday, there's nothing else going on, I am calling the Bariatric Treatment place tomorrow to see about a surgery date. I will keep you posted as I progress, I can't wait to show you all my before and after shots!

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