Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father's Day fun

So, Father's Day is coming up on Sunday. Warren is going golfing with my dad, grandfather, and brother. This leaves us ladies with nothing to do, so my mom, grandmother and I are going to Turtle Creek casino. I took the night off, in anticipation of not getting back until late. If we do get back in time, Warren and I are supposed to go out for dinner with some friends. Hopefully we can do that too! I thought I might try to put in a post or two once in a while just to keep Lori satisfied.

We had breakfast at the Bungalow the other day. It was strange to see that place in the daylight. I am still used to thinking of it as the dark hang out that it used to be. It is so much nicer now. Breakfast? Amazing! I did have to bring in my own jelly, but that is something I am growing accustomed to, as not many places carry sugar free jellies. Anywhoo...just a random post...with a random picture attached...

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Lori Anne Haskell said...

I love random shots! Yay! U are lucky you get to do so much with your Mom and Grandma, I wish I could! :)