Friday, June 22, 2007

$30,000 education

Well, more like $40,000 once its all said and done. I could have gone to a real college and finished my education for that price. Oh well, I am beyond it now. I have just finished talking with my lawyer, and he's informed me that I was right, and I am screwed. Now, I will just wait for them to figure out that they need a LEGAL EVICTION notice for me to move out. He threatened me with a court order, but evidently thought that he wouldn't need it...There he goes, thinking again! I am going to move in with my parents for a while (prolly like 3 mos) so we can save up enough money to find another place...and this time, I will make sure everything is in writing, and notarized! I am not going to get burned again! I wonder, is it against the law for me to take the furnace with me when I move? I bought the damn thing, and even though I will have no use for it, I feel like I should take it with me, and the toilet I bought too...hmmm..Lori, any thoughts? HMMMM....

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