Thursday, January 03, 2008


ok, so Lori still reads this thing,,, today i have not really done anything spectacular...I went grocery shopping (which is like, my FAVORITE thing to do) and I picked up stuff for dinner...chicken Alfredo. Went to the Walgreen's, which I love! I don't know why I am obsessed with the store, but I go there whenever I can...they have cheap milk..$3.17 a gallon right now. Its on sale at Glen's for $ I go to Walgreen's cuz I am cheap like that. Its also the only store around here that has a decent selection of sugar free candy....

Nothing planned for the weekend, laundry, dishes and cleaning the house...I might take Peanut for a long walk tomorrow, if we get some decent weather. I don't like to take him out when it is really cold because it hurts his little feets....awwww.

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