Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So it goes from 23 degrees, to almost 60, raining and thundering with lightning, and now, back to 32 with snow on the way....WTF???

I love Michigan weather!! I went to the Dr today, she thinks I may have fractured my toe....It has been killing me since Christmas day. I had to "break" in to my apartment, and I think I might have banged it in the process....Warren thinks that I would remember doing it if it was, in fact, broken, but all I know is that it is killing me some of the time. She told me that I have to cut back on my yoga, and only do it every other day...BOO! I think I might still do it everyday, but might skip out on some of the things that involve my toes....for a little while.

oh yeah, the animal abusers from Arkansas GOT OFF!!! Scott free! no fines or anything, and now they are trying to sue the state for damages....again...WTF?????? the lost their animals when they had to sign them all over to animal control, and they feel they should be compensated for it....Some people should be shot!

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Lori Anne Haskell said...

I did not know you did yoga! Do you have tapes or books or go to classes? I have never done it, but know a lot of people who love it......