Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 weeks down...30 to go!

Everything is going well with the pregnancy so far. I am still a little gun shy about telling everyone, but the Dr said I have a 97% chance of carrying to full term. Barring any weirdness, I will be a mommy soon! Not soon enough for Warren, he wants the kid to come out now! I told him it wouldn't be very pretty right now, and that he should wait until spring like the rest of us have to! I will get another set of pics on New Year's Eve, they said to bring in a blank CDR or DVD and they will record the baby for me. I think that will be the BEST home movie ever!
Just as an aside, if you have never been pregnant before, and have made jokes about morning sickness....STOP! It truly sucks, and there is almost NOTHING funny about it! I threw up water the other day....water! GEEZ! And as for 'morning' yeah right, or afternnon,or early evening, or midnight, or whenever the lovely little one decides it does not like what you have put into your mouth...AND SALTINES DO NOT WORK!

This was at 6 weeks 6's first picture ever!

These both are from Tuesday 10-27 at 10 weeks 5 days. My how we have grown!


Nicole said...

Oh my GOD!!!! How cute! I am still so excited for you. Pregnancy can be tough but when the little one is kicking you later and you can watch your belly move and shake you'll be feeling all the sickness and crazy cravings were/are worth it.
Then when you have the newborn! Ah! Sleep now! I am averaging 3 hours a night and that is not three hours one after another but rather half an hour here, forty minutes there ;)
Try saltines and ginger ale. I would put the cracker in my mouth and then the ginger ale to soften it. But then again it could be something that just worked for me.
This is such a cool time for you!!!
Love you and be healthy and happy!

Lori H said...

Yay! I dont know why I did not see this post until now! :). So glad things are progressing well (minus the morning sickness).

Jen said...

How awesome are those pics!! I was looking at your ultra sound pictures and couldn't help but notice Grand Traverse Women's Clinic on it. I just switched my Dr. to one there! Can I ask who your Dr. is? I see Dr. Good...he delivered is so nice and helped me out big time! I just got a tickle that someone I know also goes there. :)

Shannon said...

I see Dr. McKay..he Rocks! I was seeing a Dr in Manistee, but I hated her office staff..I am looking for a good pediatrician (locally) if you know of one...?

Jen said...

Oh wow...Dr. McKay assisted Dr. Good on my hystectomy back in Sept. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but I hear he is awesome. I just love Grand Traverse Women's Clinic! They are so awesome...I am sooooo happy I switched! I couldn't stand not getting any help here in Manistee!

Jen said...

Dr. Reinik here in Manistee is soooo good. I just switched Abby to her and she was AWESOME with Abby. I would definetly choose her!!