Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am a bad friend!

I missed Lisa's wedding on Saturday because I had to work. Now, I am no longer her friend. I guess I should have expected that. I wasn't informed of the place or time of the nuptuals until that day--by e-mail, which I didn't get until 4 days after the fact. I don't know what to think, she didn't want anyone to be there, so when I am not there, I get the big fuck off e-mail a week later...after I apologized and wished them both well, I inquired about pictures, repeated to her how beautiful I was told the ceremony was...And I am the bad friend?? I don't know what to do.

On another, less insane note (but not much) I am almost finished with my christmas shopping..I still have a few more items to pick up, and the FINITO! For another year. But here's what really PISSES ME OFF Warren went yesterday and bought himself a rifle--but not just any rifle, A refinished Yugoslavian WWII semi-automatic thingamajiggy that I was going to buy TODAY!!!!! I wonder about him sometimes! MEN!!!


Lori Anne Haskell said...

Bad Warren! :).

And re Lisa, I would just sit back. She will get over it. I don't know she could expect you to be there when you had no notice--you would for God's sake, you need to give the place notice. I am sure she will be fine in a couple weeks or so.

Shannon said...

Thanks Lori!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

I have friends like that (although should I really call them friends, LOL) who overreact and all, and they get over it eventually. Too much drama for me.

darrelandres4965 said...
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