Thursday, July 19, 2007

Final Post???

This could be my final post for a while. I might even be moving to New Buffalo. I am trying to get into the Four Winds Casino there. If I do, I will be moving there instead of in with my parents. I am not counting my chickens, but I qualify for like 3 or 4 very nice positions there, and Warren would be supporting me in whatever I do. If I do get a job there, he is going to stay up here, and finish out the basketball season (which will take him into the spring) before joining me down there. I know that apartments are hard to come by in that area right now, so if anyone knows anyone that might have a place to rent, let me know. I am still in the house in Wellston, I am well past the 30 days, and have heard nothing at all from the "landlord" about our moving out. Maybe he's changed his mind and has decided to just pay our rent for a few months?!?! Doubtful--I know! So, if you need to get a hold of me, call my cell..or my mom's house, if I am not there, they will know how to get a hold of me....

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