Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Because I am a girl?!?

Ok, so I took my 97 Ford Escort with over 200,000 miles on it to Midas in Manistee for a front end alignment. We have a mechanic near us that we trust, and who had told me all we needed was an alignment. I called Midas to make the appointment and was told that it would cost me $39.95 for a front end alignment. I dropped the car off for the estimated 2 hour appointment, and went to lunch with my mom. We hadn't even gotten our food when the cell rang with Midas on the other end. There are some other things that will have to be fixed before they can complete my $39.95 alignment. They have to replace the ball joints on both sides, and the coils and struts in the rear. Apparently, the mechanic that we use is full of shit, and I should just blindly take their word for the things that are wrong with my car. The total bill for my $39.95 alignment? $1,039.43 tax included! The car isn't worth $500.00, why in the hell would they think that I would pay that freaking much for a front end alignment? Probably because I am a girl?? Well, they were wrong! VERY VERY WRONG!

Here's the kicker, my mom was telling her friend Pat (Patricia) about the "deal" they were giving me, and she said they did the same thing to her, and she took her car to another garage the same day, and they aligned her tires, for something like $50.00 out the door--no added parts that HAD to be fixed! HA!

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Lori Anne Haskell said...

I hate how your places try and take advantage of women.....It's obnoxious and WRONG.