Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am having trouble letting go of the summer this year. It seems that every year, it gets harder for me to see the leaves start to change, and they seem to go earlier each year. I think it might be due in part to the fact that my life is going by so much faster now, that everything else is clipping right along with it. I don't know.

It is definitely time to put away the capris, and bring out the heavy blankets and sweats...and almost time for mom's birthday...52 this year! Now, that's old! My parents will be married 25 years in Feb. I am thinking about having a party to celebrate that in May or June (most of the people will be back from Florida/Arizona by then) at their house. I think I might invite everyone we know, and Warren and I will celebrate our 5th then too. Keep this in mind when you're all making your spring plans...I will keep you posted.

I will be taking my camera with me to the Michigan game next week, so look for some new pictures, coming soon!

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