Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh, and another thing...

No, I just figured I should start a whole new post to change topics...that last one was too heavy for me. I worked both Sunday and Monday this "weekend" I learned a new game...Texas hold 'em It was fun...its not like the poker room game, The players are only playing against the dealer, and the dealer doesn't need anything to qualify...so a player can win with Ace high, if they stay in...I loved it!!! I like learning new games...The more they teach me, the more hours I can work!!!!

I finally got my rotten (joking) husband to mow the lawn today! I thought we were going to have Safaris going through the yard soon! It was seriously overgrown!!! And I don't feel that I should have to mow,,,I do everything else! We got his surround sound today...because he was such a good boy---really! He's in heaven now. I just have to hook it up for him and I'll never see him again! After he cut the grass, I did help him with some raking and then I planted my sick looking little flowers that I bought. I am thinking that I really should stick to rock gardens and leave the green leafies to my mom. Her garden is beautiful..she's got flowers and fruit trees, and even veggies too! I guess after all those years of not having a yard, she and my dad are really enjoying it now. I am so happy for them too, I think they might be buying a hot tub this summer...which means my creepy little brother will never move out, but also means that I might be "house sitting" for them more often too!

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