Friday, May 27, 2005

Last weekend of freedom

I figure this is pretty much the last weekend I'll have off (hopefully) for a while. I have all sorts of things planned, but doubt that I will get to a majority of them. Lori says that Kerry and Marla are both pregnant, I wish I seems like quite a few of my friends are pregnant now, maybe its just this time of year...even my old cat "roadkill" is pregnant again...but she IS a hoe!

We just watch "In Good Company" with Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid, it was pretty good...Warren even liked it. I figured it was going to be a total chick flick, but I was gleefully wrong! We have Blockbuster online, its the best service for us, because we're always having to pay late fees so we both can watch it...that and we're too lazy to drive into town on our day off to return movies. We've got Spanglish and National Treasure coming this weekend...I can't wait! We just went to see the Interpreter with Nicole Kidman, that was really good too---That makes me happy:)

I am still teaching Warren's g-pa to use the computer, we're working on e-mail right now...I think he's getting it, he seems to be afraid to try things on his own...I hope he'll get over that soon. He's already tried e-bay and I think he fell in love. He always is calling me with things he wants to auction off now..I've created a monster!!! But its fun for me, and I enjoy spending time with him, he's been telling me stories about when he was young, growing up in Canada...things really were quite different then...I don't think I would have made it alive..Its a wonder that he did. Well, I suppose. I really should be tending to my dog, he's looking at me and wagging his stubby little, goodnight from the sticks!

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