Thursday, June 02, 2005

Surround sound and babies

Well, I hooked up Warren's surround sound he can watch the Pistons get hosed by the officials, and hear every curse word that's said. He is the happiest man right now...I guess small things make him happy...I saw Kristen Ware today, she is VERY pregnant, she looks SO uncomfortable...and I got word from Kelly (Weaver) Bouchard that they are expecting their 2nd...congrats Kelly and Chris! It seems like everyone I talk to is either having a baby, or is telling me about someone having a baby. I am starting to wonder if my mother hasn't gotten to everyone...and told them all to remind me that we're not getting any younger here...I am sure we will eventually have children, or adopt, whatever....I just don't think we're quite ready yet...Besides, I don't want to have to clean out our "spare" room quite yet.LOL...Not only that, but I think Peanut is enjoying being an only child!

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