Thursday, June 09, 2005

its been a while

so I figured I'd better get on and let everyone know I am still the clinical sense anyway. I have worked the last three "nights"--I go in at 2 am and get out at 10. Until last night, I was having fun, and then I had to stand at a dead table for like 5 hours! IT SUCKED! I was dealing 3 card poker, and no one wanted to play with me. I wasn't just me though, for most of the night, there wasn't a single player at any of the table games...We should be getting busy soon, and then I am sure I will long for these days.

Personal life wise, there's not much going on. Mom and Dad are getting their hot tub next I might have to go check it out. We're going to "Marilla Days" this weekend--Warren's friend throws this huge annual party where local bands jam and they roast a pig...we have gone the last couple of years and had a blast...I love his friends...they're mostly all good guys...His aunt and uncle are going with us..they're really close to us in age, so we have a blast hanging out..they're fun to be with too. I can't wait!

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